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    Development strategy

    The business focus of Group is put on the following areas of activity:

    • postal services
    • parcel services provided for the e-commerce sector in Poland and for international markets
    • financial and insurance services
    • logistics and transportation services

    Company’s strategic main target for next years is to implement InPost parcel lockers services in almost every European country. Self-service parcel machines, of which an owner and a producer is Group, have become a synonym for innovation. The solution promotes Poland all over the world. Revolutionary InPost parcel lockers are already present on 21 international markets: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic as well as Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. Moreover, Group negotiates with new international partners in order to fulfill their plans – to introduce up to 16 000 InPost parcel lockers by the end of 2016.

    At the same time, the Group develops its activity in the area of insurance services by establishing cooperation with the leaders in this industry such as: LINK4, Liberty Direct, Generali T.U. and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych. Group's priority is to invest in new technologies that contribute to boosting market competitiveness, extension of portfolio of services and geographical range of its operations. Therefore, material events that may affect personnel, assets, financial position and financial performance of the Group include:

    • Polish postal market liberalisation effective since 1 January 2013 providing Group with greater business opportunities are as follow:
      • Obtaining new contracts under public procurement procedures - on the postal market - with institutions of central and local government and new (mass) business partners.
      • Increase in the sale of high-margin services - registered and express letters and money transfers.
      • An increase of 20% in the volume of postal items delivered in 2014 – comparing to the last year.
      • Development and expansion of the portfolio of customers of the Power Post service /hybrid post service/, combining traditional postal services with the functionalities of electronic mail.
    • Strengthening the position of a leader in the e-commerce sector, including the development of InPost parcel lockers service in Poland:
      • Installing additional 350 parcel machines by the end of 2013 which resulted in creation of the domestic network of InPost self-service parcel machines consisting now of 1,100 parcel machines.
      • Managing Poland's largest and the world's second largest network of machines for 24/7 sending and collecting postal items.

    Increasing the number of automated parcel machines in Poland will significantly expand the range and availability of service and increase the number of users of InPost parcel machines, thus increasing the volume of postal items sent via the network of machines managed by Group.

    • International expansion of InPost self-service parcel machine network:
      • By the end of 2016 - installing, in cooperation with foreign partners and under the easyPack joint-venture established jointly with PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund, a network of 16 thousand InPost self-service parcel machines in almost all European countries:
        • The company is working on acquisition of nearly 6000 locations dedicated to subsequent devices. New parcel machines will be installed in 15 additional countries: France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Spain.
        • Over the next 4-5 years InPost parcel lockers will also appear in the Americas and in Asia. The company has started identifying locations for a planned investment. In the United States, Group plans to launch 10,000 parcel lockers by the end of 2016 and in Asia the machines will be deployed in China - in Beijing and Shanghai. The entire project may eventually reach up to 1 billion euros.
        • On top of that, the Group will have the back-up of 4,000 parcel machines to be installed in various countries, as appropriate to the market demand.

    Additionally, Capital Group’s plans for 2014 are:

    • Dynamic development of InPost Finanse Sp. z o.o. operating in the sector of financial and insurance services through:
      • Performance of the existing contracts to the benefit of public institutions and local governments and conclusion of new contracts with such institutions.
      • Extension of product portfolio by adding insurance services as a result of cooperation with LINK4, Liberty Direct, Generali T.U. and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych.
      • Increase in sale of financial services in Customer Service Centers of InPost Sp. z o.o., by opening agencies and franchise branches in new locations in Poland.
      • Implementation and development of new innovative services offered by InPost Finanse Sp. z o.o., i.e. mobile payments and outsourcing of e-documents, assuming an increase in the number of customers.
    • Development of the Group's business in Ukraine, through in distribution of unaddressed mail and sale of InPost self-service parcel machines.

    Thanks to the Group's bold business strategy, the innovative products and non-standard services offered by Group companies immediately meet a positive reaction and strong interest from individual and business customers, which is reflected in the corresponding increase in the Group's financial results. The Group's active business policy and good financial results provide the grounds for further dynamic increase in the value of the business in the coming years.