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    Profile of our activities Capital Group is one of the most successful private postal groups in Europe. In only 3 years, the InPost parcel lockers technology can be found in the following countries: Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.

    By offering a unique customer experience to its users, as illustrated by an NPS (NET PROMOTER SCORE, as for October 15th) of 94%, Group aims to build a strong global footprint in the global logistics sector. The innovative nature of the InPost parcel locker solution was confirmed by a number of awards that the Group has won, including World Mail Awards 2013, Retail Innovation of the year (2013), Delivery Innovation Excellence UK (2014).

    The Group is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

    The business focus of Group is on the following areas of activity:

    • Parcel services provided to the e-commerce sector and to individual customers through a network of parcel machines – automated equipment used to send and collect parcels on a 24/7 basis,

    • Postal and courier services for institutional/business customers and individuals in Poland, based on the Group's own network of branches and Customer Service Centres and own postmen,

    • Financial and insurance services provided to mass (institutional/business) and individual customers, as well as mobile payment and e-document services based on the Group's own customer service centres and a franchise network,

    • Logistics and transportation services.