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    A new company in Group

    9th July, 2010


    A new company in Group


    On 7th July Group, the leading Polish postal group and an independent financial operator, incorporated a special purpose vehicle, which will be active on the e-commerce market. The value of the contract runs at 2 million PLN. What it aims at is to carry out the first Polish Internet services project. This is to be done with the use of the telecom infrastructure maintained by the Group and the innovative mobile payment solutions based on GSM technologies developed by the company itself and the network of Paczkomaty 24/7 parcel machines.


    The incorporation of a company active in the field of e-commerce into the structures of Group and the acquisition of CP Telecom are yet another stages of the strategy of entering new business niches. The revolutionary solutions announced by are going to be provided by the virtual mobile telephone operator also owned by the Group, MVNO.


    “The investment we have made, most of all, will allow the Group to control a larger part of the e-commerce sector. The development-supporting strategy adopted by and InPost forces us to seek attractive investment areas, irrespective of the results to date. Our experience and knowledge on the postal-courier market make it possible for us to take up new ambitious challenges. Hence, the intense activity of Group in the field of new technologies. At the end of the process there is always a logistic service and that’s the crux of the matter”, said Rafal Brzoska, the President of Group.


    In June 2010, A4, a telecom operator owned by Group, took over 100% shares of CP Telecom Sp. z o.o. worth 5.4 million PLN from Carrefour Polska Sp. z o.o. The investment is another stage of the project of implementing innovative services in direct marketing with the use of a virtual GSM operator. The newly incorporated entity is going to introduce the first solutions in direct marketing to the market at the turn of the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2010.


    “The services based on mobile technologies are one of the elements of our strategy of building the advantage of the Group on the domestic market. The solutions based on GSM technologies are still underused in our country, whereas the analyses run by us indicate that, similarly to the postal services market, we can expect success when realising projects which fill in the current void in the sector. We hope that our activity will contribute to the development of the mobile and information society”, adds Rafal Brzoska.


    What is the chief asset of and the companies of the Group are the experience, know-how, own organizational structures and extensive, modern technical-logistic base. Proactive business strategy based on the development in the field that are being neglected by the Polish national postal provider and other competitors is another advantage of the company. This is achieved with the use of innovative tools and solutions.


    The potential of the companies forming Group has been recognised by domestic and international award committees. In June 2010, InPost won the international World Mail Awards contest. The company was announced an indisputable winner in the Growth category for the dynamic development on the Polish postal services market. Moreover, the high dynamics of revenue and net profit of between 2006 and 2008 has brought the company the title of the Cheetah of Business of Malopolskie Voivodeship.


    Strategic developmental aims of Group for 2012:

    • increasing the geographical range of services
    • winning new strategic clients
    • holding the dynamics of development of the companies of the Group on the Polish postal-courier and financial markets
    • increasing the share in the Polish postal-courier market to 12% in 2010 and to 20% in 2012
    • increasing the number of delivered letters from 9m in December 2009 to 19m a month by the end of 2010
    • preparing to overtake the e-commerce market leaders
    • providing Paczkomaty 24/7 service with 450 machines in 2010, and ultimately with 800 machines in the whole of Poland
    • launching hybrid mail service
    • strengthening the position of the leader of door drop distribution and extending the range of services in Ukraine in this field
    • the development through rising the number of the users of the new services and solutions introduced to the market by Group in 2010: mobile payments and multioperational e-invoicing

    More information about Group can be found on,, www.paczkomaty.pland