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  closed the year 2010, the time of intensive organic growth and increased activity in new areas for the Group such as e-commerce, telecom and direct marketing, with much optimism and new business projects. Paczkomaty 24/7, FreeM and MOVA mobile telephone networks, InFlavo, mobile payments, e-invoicing and Power Post are the key enerprises implemented by the Group in 2010.


    The innovations implemented and developed by the Group in 2010 are preliminary to large-scale business projects dedicated to the postal-financial, direct marketing and e-commerce sectors with a special regard for the services in the area of social-shopping. After Paczkomaty 24/7 parcel machine service, which revolutionised the postal-courier market as early as in 2009, it was time for the development of the services in the social-commerce sector."E-commerce in conjunction with the social networking sites has the potential which has yet to be used for the commercial purposes in the strict sense and not only the promotional ones. This is why, the owner of Paczkomaty 24/7 parcel machines which are dedicated to this sector, created not only an application but a whole cooperational programme which guarantees widening the current range of sales channels and enables the Internet users to shop in the virtual company of their Facebook friends", says Rafal Brzoska, the President of the Group.


    This is how InFlavo, a platform offering complex selling services through the agency of the most popular social networking site,, came to existence. The integrated payments (dotpay) and the integration with parcel machines 24/7 are just a few advantages of the new selling solution. Aside from software, InFlavo offers its clients support in the field of using the social media in communication with its users. InFlavo has only been in use since October 2010 but more than 200 stores, including VOBIS and Komputronik, are taking advantage of the new solution and others are testing it. But the Group is not easily satisfied with one trailblazing project only.


    The Group announced the implementation of the service enabling the whole purchasing process remotely, with the use of a mobile telephone: from a visit in an InFlavo e-shop and making a payment with the mobile payments service to ordering and collecting the parcel in a parcel machine. With a view to achieving this, the Group has launched a mobile telephone network, FreeM, which allows its users to use Internet communicators and social networking sites free of charge in exchange for watching adverts.

 , with the mediation of CP Telecom, has also been the owner of MOVA, a telephone network, which plays the role of the loyalty programme for the clients of the Carrefour network since 2010. The high activity of the Group on the field of direct marketing services with the use of standard telecommunications services permits to expect the implementation of new brands dedicated tonew shopping chains by the Group in 2011."We need to introduce new ideas based on modern technologies as the traditional direct marketing, such as door drops, is losing its importance", professes President Brzoska. That is why widening the range of services offered by with the loyalty programme and selling support systems is a strategic step in the future expasion of the Group.


    The activities of the Group in the area of e-commerce and social-shopping will be further stimulated by the extension of logistic base, which will eliminate the former issues with the traditional way of delivering parcels and letters. The Group is resolutely extending the Paczkomaty 24/7 parcel machines network and intends to enter nine countries of Eastern and Central Europe with its service. Moreover,, has started the studio works on integrating the InPost parcel machines network with the network of Deutsche Post. A few weeks before that hybrid mail, Power Post, has been launched. The IT tool giving access to this service has already been taken into account in ERP systems of a Polish software development company, Comarch, and, by the end of 2010, will also be included in InsERT solutions.


    The plans of the Group for 2011:

    • The implementation of the programme giving the access to online shopping (InFlavo) with the use of a mobile telephone (FreeM), mobile payments (InPost Finance) and a delivery to a Paczkomat 24/7 parcel machine
    • The development of the direct marketing and loyalty programmes services with the use of FreeM and MOVA brands
    • The introduction of new mobile telephone networks dedicated to chain stores
    • The development of e-InPost and InFlavo services
    • Systematic construction of the position of the leader of the e-commerce sector, including the development of Paczkomaty 24/7 service: launching 800 machines in the whole of Poland and the expansion on the East and Central European markets
    • The development and of mobile payments, e-invoicing and InMobile services and acquisition of new customers

    The share of non-standard sources of profit (including the electronic ones) in the income structure of the Group within the next few year will constitute at least 30%.


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