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    Cash loans delivered directly to home by InPost delivers!

    Press release


    Cracow, December 8, 2011


    Cash loans delivered directly to home by InPost deliverers!


     InPost cooperation with SMS Kredyt


    Pre-Christmas time usually encourage Poles to raise loans. Immediately afterwards the winter holiday season begins for good (winter break starts in mid-January), and any family trip is a big expense for an average family budget. However, sometimes there simply is not enough time to compare and contrast all of the loan deals currently available in the market, and what is more – to visit a financial institution providing loans.


    InPost Finanse – an independent postal and financial operator part of the Integer Group, together with a company being a part of the SMS Kredyt Holding S.A. have taken into consideration their customers’ convenience, resulting in a possibility to take out a loan without leaving home and getting into unnecessary formalities, starting from December 2011. InPost deliverers will transfer cash directly into the hands of the recipient.

    It is also possible to provide financial services at InPost Finanse Customer Service Points located throughout the country within the framework of cooperation. Then the loan agreements will be concluded in a traditional manner.

    “InPost Finanse provides financial and postal services primarily due to an extensive network of Customer Service Points throughout Poland. In the event of cooperation with SMS Kredyt our market potential increases additionally. Since we offer cash benefits delivery addressed to our existing as well as potential customers through a network of our post deliverers. We hope this form of cooperation will bring tangible benefits not only to our companies, but mainly to people who wish to use the services offered by SMS Kredyt”, said Mariusz Dubowski CFO of InPost Finanse.


    As of December 8, 2011, InPost deliverers are entitled to offer loans with two options of insurance premiums (of lower and higher premium rates),on behalf of SMS Kredyt. The offer includes the following loans:


    • In One Installment – a loan granted for a period of 15 or 30 days, in the amounts of PLN: 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800.The maximum amount of the first loan is PLN 600 for new customers
    • In several installments – with a repayment period from 2 to 12 months for the amounts from PLN 200 to 2000. It is even possible to take out a loan of PLN 2000 for a new customer.

    “Cooperation with InPost is the best solution for customers in terms of our services. We have a preferential approach as far as comfort and convenience of loans by phone is concerned. However, cash delivery directly to the interested party provides even bigger convenience and time savings to our customers”, ensures Marcin Tokarek, CEO of SMS Kredyt sp. z o.o.

    Within the cooperation with SMS Kredyt, InPost is entitled to provide customers with advertising materials and information regarding a current offer of SMS Kredyt. InPost deliverers may also gain phone numbers of the customers interested in SMS Kredyt services, with the signed agreement for service offering by the phone.


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