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    Diamond of Private Equity 2013 for PineBridge Investments and Group

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cracow, June 14, 2013


    Diamond of Private Equity 2013 for PineBridge Investments and Group


    PineBridge Investments, the global multi-asset class investment manager and Group, the leading independent Polish postal group operating under the InPost brand and other courier & postal brands, won the Diamond of Private Equity in 2013, in the category of Transaction of the Year 2012. This prestigious award was granted for the establishment joint-venture easyPack company in April 2012. The goal of the new company is to develop an innovative parcel system, in Europe and CIS countries. Up to 16,000 InPost parcel lockers are planned to be installed by the end of 2016.


    Joint investment, worth EUR 108 million (PLN 453 million), assumes that the Integer Group will provide 58 million Euros over the first two years of the cooperation, while the PineBridge Investments will invest 50 million Euros in the project. The establishment of the easyPack LTD, has significant influence on the success of the international parcel locker sector.



    „InPost parcel lockers are one of the most promising Polish export brands. For now – after four years of implementation in the Polish market – we are one of the biggest logistics network worldwide that enables sending and collecting packages in the 24/7 mode. In cooperation with PineBridge Investments we are realizing our brave business plan – launch of the 16 thousand parcel terminals in 12 European and CIS countries. The contract with PineBridge will strengthen our position and open prospects for further dynamic growth that is achievable in this sector. We are delighted that creating a joint venture easyPack deserved to be entitled as Diamond of Private Equity in 2013, in the category of Transaction of the Year 2012"- said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.



    Diamond of Private Equity Awards 2013 are granted by the Executive Club and the chapter, which is composed of prominent theorists and practitioners in the area of finance and economy. The Honorary President of this year's Diamonds of Private Equity became Aleksander Kwasniewski. Awards are targeted to individuals and companies from the sector, which contributed to the growth of other Polish companies. The winners characterize a high level of content and higher than average economic efficiency and innovation.


    InPost parcel lockers are the simple parcel solution product that allows parcel sending and collecting in just 7 seconds, allowing customers to use it on their way to work or home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in convenient locations.


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