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    easyPack 24/7 leverage Group. Very good result after four quarters of 2011

    Press release


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cracow, 1st March 2012


    easyPack 24/7 leverage Group; very good result after four quarters of 2011
    in net profit: 41%, increase in sales: 24%, in operating profit: 37 %

 , the leading Polish postal group, an independent financial operator and the provider of innovative postal-courier solutions and e-commerce services, demonstrated an increase to 23.3m PLN in consolidated revenue after four quarters of 2011, which indicates an increase by 41% in comparison with 2010. Group generated revenues of 251.6 million PLN obtaining an increase of 24% compared to the previous year. The net profitability reached 9.26%. The consolidated profit per share rose from 2,78 PLN in 2010 to 3.92 PLN.

  Group increased its consolidated operational profit after four quarters of 2010 by 37% (an increase from 23.5m PLN to 32.16m PLN). Consolidated EBITDA nearly amounted to 46.5 m PLN, and grew by 36.6% when compared with 2010.


  Group reported the consolidated net profit of 7.04m PLN in the fourth quarter of 2011, which indicates a 77% increase when compared to the analogous period of the previous year, and increased the consolidated revenue by 38% from 56.77m PLN to 78.15m PLN. The net return reached 9%. At the same time, group made an operational profit of 9.53m PLN in the fourth quarter of 2010, which indicates an increase of 61% when collated with the fourth quarter of 2010. Consolidated EBITDA amounted to 13.43m PLN.


    At the same time company was ranked ninth in the statement of companies with the highest rates of return in 2011, reaching 43.5% (Gazeta Giełda Parkiet, February 2, 2012). Simultaneously, since the company's debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the rate of return on investment in shares reached a record level and amounted to 1009%. (29th Feb., source: :;pl;sa,ITG,informacje.html).


    “In the fourth quarter of 2011, our market activity has focused on expanding the scale, geographic coverage and accessibility of services, inter alia based on acquisition of new strategic business partners and extensive promotional and sales activities. A as priority, we primarily concentrated on the expansion of the Group‘s business influence into the foreign markets. The year 2011 was full of strategic contracts, including production, delivery, installation and implementation of easyPack machines in 7 countries around the world. We believe that the international offensive of the Group will soon bring tangible sales results, but also it will have a significant impact on increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Group and thus in maintaining a stable position on the capital market. Undoubtedly an active business policy and satisfying financial results are the foundation for a dynamic increase in the value of our company in the coming years "- says Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of


    A significant impact on the Group's activities had regardless of the multimillion investment projects, the activities in the postal and courier sector, including easyPack services. Nearly 65% of consolidated revenue, i.e. 163 million PLN, the Group generated precisely in this segment.


    Due to the agreements with international partners, in 2011 Group started operations in seven countries apart from Poland. In December 2011 easyPack by InPost were available in Estonia, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Lithuania. At the same time the Group was preparing to implement the machines in Latvia (January 2012) and Ireland (February 2012). In the fourth quarter of 2011 has invested a total of PLN 5 million to launch Paczkomaty® InPost outside Polish borders.


    The continuation of international expansion of easyPack by InPost and the extension of the network on Polish territory are the Group’s strategic objectives. Only in 2012 the company intends to launch 400 new machines. The people of almost all European countries will be able to benefit from around 16 thousand easyPack machines by the end of 2016. By the end of 2012 Group plans to spend from 40 to 80 million PLN, on the easyPack service development, and the nearly five-year plan of international expansion is valued at some 350 million euros.


    The share of customized services (including electronic) will constitute at least 30% of the Group revenues in the next few years. Due to the strategic investments executed in the international markets, Group revenues from the foreign projects will reach the level of 20-40 million euros annually over the next few years.


    The impact on Group's financial results in the subsequent quarters in 2012 will have the implementation of the devices replacing postal points onto the Polish and European market. Group has already invested 5 million PLN in the preparation of the prototype. The company estimates that the device’s market price for external partners will fluctuate within the limits of 150 - 200 thousand PLN per one machine.

  Group also assumes delivery volume growth from about 70 million in 2009, to 220-250 million consignments in 2012, to achieve the threshold of 280-300 million letters in 2013. In addition, by the end of 2012, the Group plans to open 300 new facilities in Poland. Simultaneously, the number of localities, in which the Group plans to provide its services for individual customers will increase to 550, and for institutional to 8,000.


    The investments carried out by the Group - including the domestic and international network development of easyPack by InPost - will be financed from three main sources:


    The measures worked out within the Group, thanks to the viability and profitability of products and services implemented within the individual companies:
    Debt securities, including Bonds - The group has adopted a bond issue program worth 60 million PLN and does not preclude subsequent issues
    • Management of Group is empowered, and if necessary, will use the option to decide on the following issues of shares up to 15 percent of capital

  plans for 2012 -2013


    • Increase in the market share of postal and courier services to 18-20% by the end of 2012
    • A systematic increase in the number of letters delivered from 220-250 million of consignments in 2012 up to
    • 280-300 million letters in 2013
    • The development and expansion of Power Post / email hybrid clients’ portfolio, the service combining the traditional postal services with e-mail functionality
    • Increasing the range of postal activities:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        • By the end of 2012 Group plans to open 300 new branch offices throughout Poland, at the same time the number of localities, in which the Group plans to provide its services for individual customers will increase to 550, and for institutional to 8,000.                                                                                                   • A consistent building of a market leading position in Poland in e-commerce sector, including the development of easyPack by Inpost service
    •Launching of the next 400 easyPack machines
    •The management of the Polish largest and the world’s second largest easyPack machines network in 2012
    International expansion of easyPack by Inpost – the continuation of the signed contracts with:
    Eesti Post, the Estonian public post, (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia)
    iTech, the investment fund, part of the Qiwi Group – easyPack service development in Russia
    • local Spanish courier company
    The Cyprus public post
    Saudi Post (Saudi Arabia)
    Correos de Chile
    Nightline Couriers, leader of the Irish courier market
    Implementation of 16000 easyPack by InPost machines in most European cities by the end of 2016.
    • Implementation of InPost Finanse contracts with public institutions
    Increasing the availability of financial services in key voivodships and the conclusion of new strategic contracts, including the public and local government entities (InPost Finanse)
    • Strengthening the market leading position in distribution of unaddressed mail, and expanding business activities in Ukraine (distribution and easyPack by InPost service)

  achievements in fourth quarter 2011


    International expansion of easyPack by Inpost – the strategy continuation
    Production, delivery and installation of 35 easyPack machines in Lithuania, as a part of the second stage of the contract with the Estonian public Post /December 2011/
    InPost’s entry into the continent of South America – technology sales contract with Correos de Chile / October 2011/
    The first non-European company’s contract with Saudi Post including production, delivery and launch of easyPack by InPost machines in Saudi Arabia /October 2011/
    Increasing the availability of easyPack by InPost through cooperation with Internet sales platforms and some reputable e-shops - the integration of easyPack by InPost with over three thousand online stores at the end of 2011 as compared to one thousand e-stores a year ago.
    • New easyPack by InPost in Konin / December 2011 /
    Implementation of the of new functionality - posting directly from the easyPack by InPost /December 2011 /
    An increase of 400% in the number of consignments - served via easyPack InPost - against 2010 /January - December 2011/
    InPost Finanse development due to the strategic contracts with public institutions and important business partners /October – December 2011/
    •Start of the cooperation with SMS Kredyt Holding S.A., listed on NewConnect, in terms of delivery of cash benefits, including cash loans, via InPost Finanse offices and representatives.
    •Win in the tender for delivery of social benefits of OSP Białołęka (Social Welfare Centre) – the estimated value of the benefits in the scope of the agreement amounts to approximately PLN 350 thousand and covers 150 money postal orders per month.
    •Win in the tender for delivery of social benefits of KRUS Warszawa (The Agricultural Social Insurance Fund) – the estimated value of the benefits in the scope of the agreement amounts to approximately PLN 280 million and covers 93 thousand postal orders per year.
    •Win in the tender for delivery of social benefits of Town Hall of Tarnów – the estimated value of the benefits in the scope of the agreement amounts to approximately PLN 1 million and covers 300 money postal orders per month.
    •Win in the tender for delivery of social benefits of MOPR Poznań (Social Welfare Centre) – the estimated value of the benefits in the scope of the agreement amounts to approximately PLN 2,6 million and covers 730 money postal orders per month.
    Outsourcing out of the Group of e-InPost and InMobile operating activities
    Image and promotional activities, aimed at maintaining stable market position, resulting in obtaining a significant awards and distinctions:
    A TV advertising campaign with Martyna Wojciechowska /November - December 2011/ Group awarded the European Medal for the second time by Business Centre Club /November 2011/
    Małopolska Economic Award for the Group /October 2011/ Group in “Big 5” of the most innovative companies in Central Europe in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2011 ranking /October 2011/ Group one of the best Polish enterprises according to Rzeczpospolita Journal; “the Good Company” award, a high position among other innovative companies and a good position in the main ranking of Rzeczpospolita’s “List of 2000”.


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