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    easyPack by InPost are already available in Chile!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Cracow, June 13th 2012


    easyPack by InPost are already available in Chile!


    easyPack by InPost, the revolutionary postal and courier solution conquers South America! At the beginning of June 2012, after several months of operational testing, the first 24/7 machines to send and collect parcels were launched in Santiago, Chile. The commercial launch of service under the contract between the Group and Correos Chile, the national operator, has initiated the implementation of about 300 easyPack by InPost machines on the American continent. The machines will be deployed in Chile within the next two years.



    Chile is one of nine countries – apart from Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Estonia, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia - where the revolutionary easyPacks will be accessible within 6 months’ time owing to the Group. Also, by the end of 2012, – with the contract with of PineBridge Investments - the global private equity fund - the company will double the Polish easyPack by InPost machines network. The people of almost all European countries will have been able to use about 16 000 machines to send and collect parcels by the end of 2016. The investment amounting to 108 million EUR (453 million PLN) will be subject to approval by the UOKiK [Office of Competition and Customer Protection]. Within 2 years’ time, Group will raise capital and equity of 58 million EUR (243 million PLN) and PineBridge Investments will invest over 50 million EUR (210 million PLN). The EasyPack project will increase the availability of the easyPack by InPost machines in the another 12 European countries and the CIS, and its aim is to use the significant potential of the rapidly growing e-commerce sector in the world.


    “The continuation of international expansion of easyPack by InPost and the extension of the network on Polish territory are the Group’s strategic objectives for the next four years. Not only we actively sell the technology to our international partners , but our offer also includes production, delivery, installation, and implementation on local markets. Our professional industry knowledge and experience is very important when launching new services in a given area. This is without doubt one of the most difficult elements related to the international expansion of easyPack by InPost service. A wide range of contracts signed by us proves our active participation in the process of easyPack implementation onto the international markets,” ensures Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of Group.



    The Group European offensive plan assumes the launch of:


    1000 machines in 2012
    3000 machines in 2013
    2500 machines in 2014
    2500 machines in 2015


    In addition, there will be 4 thousand machines held in reserve by the Group to be installed in different countries, depending on the market demand. Group is planning to spend up from 40 to 80 million PLN on the development of easyPack by InPost machines service to the end of 2012, and the nearly five-year international expansion project is valued at 350 million EUR. The share of non-standard services (including electronic) will be at least 30% of Group revenue in the coming years. Through strategic investments – implemented on international markets – Group revenue from the foreign projects will reach over the next few years the level of 20-40 million EUR per year.


    easyPack by InPost international expansion


    IRLANDIA - February 2012
    • Delivery of 100 easyPack by InPost machines to Nightline Couriers, the courier market leader in Ireland, within the 1st stage of the contract
    LATVIA - January 2012
    • Production, delivery and installation of 29 easyPack machines in Latvia as part of the third stage of the contract with Eesti Post
    LITHUANIA - December 2011
    • Production, delivery and installation of 35 easyPack machines in Lithuania as part of the second-stage contract with Eesti Post
    CHILE – October 2011
    • InPost company's entry into the continent of America – technology sale contract with Correos de Chile
    SAUDI ARABIA – October 2011
    • The first non-European company’s contract – with Saudi Post including production, delivery, and installation of easyPack by InPost machines in Saudi Arabia
    CYPRUS – September 2011
    • the agreement with Cyprus public post – first easyPack machines will be installed in 2011
    SPAIN – August 2011
    • The agreement with a local courier company including design, production, delivery, and installation of several hundred easyPacks throughout Spain.
    • The first stage will be completed by the end of 2011 and it is valued at EUR 0.5m, and the total value of the contract is estimated at EUR 8.5m.
    • In 2012 it will be possible to send parcels to Spain via easyPack by InPost, as well as their collecting in Poland.
    RUSSIA – July 2011
    • The agreement concluded by InPost and iTech – the modern technologies fund, part of the QIWI Group; companies have decided on the creation of a special purpose company named QIWI Post, which task is to develop easyPack business in over 30 Russian cities.
    • There is going to be about 440 easyPack machines in the Russian streets, eventually.
    • QIWI Group will invest approximately $30 million in the project.
    ESTONIA – February 2011
    • The contract for delivery of 38 easyPack by InPost machines for Eesti Post (the first stage of the contract)
    • The contract also covers business technology partnership and advisory services and consulting regarding the commercial launch of the new service in Estonia.
    • The first stage of the order value amounts to € 950 000.


    More info can be found at:,,,, as well as:, and easyPack by InPost profile on Facebook.