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    easyPack by InPost are already in Slovakia, and soon to be available in The Czech Republic

    Press release                                                                                                                                                                                                                Cracow, 18 th December, 2012


    easyPack by InPost are already in Slovakia, and soon to be available in The Czech Republic


    By 2013, the group –name- is going to locate 100 easyPack machines in Czech Republic, within the framework of the European investing program which is estimated at 300 million Euros. In 2010, the share of B2C services in the e-commerce sector reached almost 4% of its overall retail sales. The Czech e-sellers totaled revenues at 1.32 billion Euros. It is estimated that between 2010-2015 the B2C market will grow on average at 4.1% annually.


    The Group plans to launch 30 machines by the end of 2012 and another 70 in 2013. EasyPack by InPost will be located in many cities such as: Prague, Brno, Pardubice, Zlin, Ostrava and 14 others.


    In 2011, more than 60% of Czech citizens were found using the internet, and one-third of these users were shopping online. On the other hand, mobile shopping is one of the most preferred activities among the growing number of smartphone users.


    The Czech Republic can be proud of its dynamic growth of its e-commerce market. There is potential development of modern services, which is an interesting aim of further expansion for us” said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of the Group.


    Within the first 3 years, the easyPack network in Czech Republic will be heavily subsidized until it reaches breakeven.


    Simultaneously with the activities on the Czech market, the company plans to launch 50 easyPack machines in Slovakia. This is the first phase of the investment said to be completed by the end of 2012. So far in Slovakia 49 machines have been installed.


    The Group is the world leading producer of easyPack machines, and the largest private postal operator in Poland. Currently it manages the network of 600 machinesin Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The company in co-operation with PineBridge investments plans to create the network of 16,000 machines throughout Europe and the CIS. It is a part of the investing program worth an estimated 300 million euros to be implemented within the next 4 years. The group has already signed contracts with Saudi Arabia, Chile, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for the delivery of the machines.


    easyPack by InPost


    easyPack by InPost are the only easily accessible solution that enables fast and secure round-the-clocksending and receiving of parcels, 7 days a week without queuing. You are guaranteed to save time and money.


    The easyPacks are located at gas stations, car parks and shopping centers. Thanks to this solution, you don’t have to wait at home for the courier any more. After receiving an SMS and an email, the customer can choose any suitable time to collect the parcel.


    These devices support the dynamic growth of the e-commerce sector. Their functionality and convenience is appreciated by not only customers but also by individuals and companies selling online. This option of delivery is offered by approximately 3,000 e-stores, the service is also being used by 10,000 e-sellers.


    The easyPack by InPost service guarantees fast and secure online shopping, it’s the excellent logistic solution for e-stores because:


    • almost every parcel (about 98%) posted by easyPack is ready to be collected 1 day after posting,
    • more than 59% of customers collect their order within the first 6 hours from the moment of receiving a notification,
    • 74% of clients using EasyPack machines were satisfied and used this option again.


    It’s the ideal solution for customers because:


    • they provide the possibility of round-the-clock collecting without queuing,
    • collecting parcels takes only 17 seconds in total,
    • the email and SMS notification about a parcel waiting to be collected from the machine is convenient,
    • prices are affordable,
    • suitable forms of payment are available(credit cards, e-transfers and COD),
    • possibility of winning prizes and discount vouchers in lotteries and competitions organized by InPost.


    The easyPack delivery option is offered by:, Komputronik, NEO24, Allegro, and one of the largest international company providing direct sales services. Currently the service is used by several hundreds of active e-sellers.


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