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    easyPack by InPost conquers the "Emerald Isle"

    Press release

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cracow, 27 February 2012

    easyPack by InPost conquers the “Emerald Isle” Group introduces an innovative service to the Republic of Ireland

  Group – a provider and a postal operator of easyPack by InPost – enters the Irish market. Over the next 10 months in 2012 - in the first stage of the contract - the company will deliver up to 100 easyPack by InPost self service machines to Nightline Couriers, the leader of courier delivery services in Ireland. The contract value is estimated at EUR 2.5 million. The service machines will be located in Dublin and Dun Laoghaire as well as in the other 12 largest cities in Ireland.


    The United Kingdom finds itself among the leading European countries which have a maximum expenditure of residents on online shopping. According to the results of the research conducted by the Centre for Retail Research for a price comparison shopping website Kelkoo, the Europeans spent altogether EUR 200.52 billion on the e-commerce market in 2011. The Centre for Retail Research pointed out that the largest online retailer in Europe was the UK, closely followed by Germany and France – accounting together for more than 71% of the European e-commerce market.



    Rafał Brzoska, the President of Group, said:“The percentage share of e-commerce in the whole retail sales in Great Britain is the highest in Europe and amounts to 12% which is four times higher than in Poland. Being a solution explicitly dedicated to an e-commerce sector,easyPack service seems to be invaluable to this market. We’ve begun with Ireland, but, in the end, there will be 1,350 InPost devices located in Great Britain. In fact, more than half of the machines will appear in the largest cities of the UK – the country so popular among Poles. Also, we expand into these regions, bearing in mind their lives and needs. We strongly believe that the popularity of easyPack machines gained in Poland will encourage our compatriots staying in the UK to take full advantage of this revolutionary and completely original invention. We are deeply convinced that the Irish, then the English and the Scottish people will soon become accustomed to ordering their e-shopping goods directly to easyPack machines.”  



    At the same time, Group is continuing the international expansion in the Central and Eastern Europe. In the very beginning of 2012, the Group entered the Latvian market as part of the 3rd stage of the contract with Eesti Post, which had already been made in February 2011. The cooperation with the Estonian public postal service involves the project, the production, delivery and installation of innovative machines designed for sending and collecting parcels: there will be 29 of such devices in Latvia and 73 in Lithuania and Estonia.
    The contracts for production, installation and implementation of the easyPack systems have already been carried out by Group not only in Ireland but also in countries such as: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and Chile.



    The estimated revenue of Group derived from the international projects may come to approximately EUR 20-40 million annually.


    easyPack by InPost international expansion


    IRELAND - February 2012
    Delivery of up to 100 easyPack by InPost machines as part of the 1st stage of the contract with Nightline Couriers, the leader of courier delivery services in Ireland
    LATVIA - January 2012
    Production, delivery and installation of 29 easyPack by InPost machines in Latvia as part of the 3rd stage of the contract with Eesti Post
    LITHUANIA - December 2011
    Production, delivery and installation of 35 easyPack by InPost machines in Lithuania as part of the 2nd stage of the contract with Eesti Post
    CHILE – October 2011 Group appearing on the American continent – the Correiros de Chile contract for the sale of technology
    SAUDI ARABIA – September 2011
    The first non-European contract by Group – the contract was drawn up with Saudi Post and it involved the production, delivery and activation of EasyPack by InPost machines in Saudi Arabia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CYPRUS – September 2011
    A contract with the Cypriot public postal service for the production and delivery of EasyPack by InPost machines
    SPAIN – August 2011
    A contract with a local courier company involving the project, production, delivery and installation of several hundred easyPack by InPost machines in Spain
    The first stage of the project is estimated at EUR 0.5 million, whereas the value of the entire contract is supposed to reach EUR 8.5 million
    • Sending parcels to Spain as well as collecting them from this country in Poland by means of EasyPack by InPost machines will be perfectly possible in 2012.
    RUSSIA – July 2011 Group contract with iTech – the modern technologies fund belonging to QIWI Group - aiming at creating QIWI Post,a special purpose entity which will develop easyPack by InPost machines business in over 30 Russian cities
    Approximately 440 easyPack by InPost machines will ultimately be located on the Russian cities’ streets
    • QIWI Group will invest up to USD 30 million in the project.
    ESTONIA – February 2011
    A contract for the delivery of 38 easyPack by InPost machines for Eesti Post, the Estonian public postal service (the 1st stage of the contract)
    • The contract involves the technological partnership as well as business advisory and consulting in terms of the commercial launch of new services in Estonia
    The value of the 1st stage of the order is EUR 950,000


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