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    easyPack by InPost in March in Ukraine!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cracow, 28 February, 2013


    easyPack by InPost in March in Ukraine!


    The international expansion of is gaining momentum. This time will easyPack by InPost machines will be deployed in Ukraine. As early as in March 2013, InPost shall introduce 20 easyPack branded machines in Kiev. In addition, easyPack will be available in the Crimea by the end of 2013, and in some of the 24 provincial cities throughout Ukraine. Ultimately, it is estimated to deploy up to 250 easyPack by InPost machines as part of a 4-year international offensive in that area. The logistics support, technical service and personnel will be provided by company, operating on the Ukrainian distribution market since 2008.


    Ukraine is one of 14 countries – apart from Brazil, Chile, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the Czech Republic - where the Group implements its revolutionary devices. The potential of the Ukrainian e-commerce market - the value of which can reach up to $ 1 billion - gives a great perspective of the development of the easyPack project. The operating strength of the Group within the expansion in Ukraine is a perfect knowledge of the local market, developed trade and business contacts, and the branch offices across the country.



    „During the first phase of the easyPack project Ukraine was one of the target locations on the map of the easyPack international expansion. It is justified because the Group has been operating there for almost 5 years. And it is not only the operational and technical support provided by that helps us implementing the machines in Ukraine. The success of the project is also supported by the good forecast for the Ukrainian e-commerce sector. This is an emerging market, its growth is estimated at 20-30% in the coming years”, says Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.


    Waldemar Brzoska, CEO of and advisor to the management board of added: „we are operationally ready to implement easyPack machines in Ukraine. The first machines will be deployed in Kiev, but we already have another attractive locations for at least another 30 machines across the country. ultimately, there are going to be about 250 machines which corresponds to the current needs of the Ukrainian e-commerce needs”.


    By the end of 2013, the Group plans to spend about 65 million euros for the development of the easyPack services. The international expansion project carried out jointly with PineBridge Investments is valued at approximately 300 million euros. Through strategic investments carried out onto international markets the Group revenue will reach the level of EUR 20-40 million per year within the next few years.



    With the development of business in Ukraine, and activities covering easyPack project, the Group also plans to increase employment in the local market. That also requires a logistics development, including an increase of the office space, warehouse, and vehicle fleet. In 2013, the company plans to invest about 3m euros in the infrastructure.

  – a distribution company, part of the Group, expands its portfolio of retail clients. In December 2012, the company signed a contract with ALLO, the largest e-store selling telecommunication equipment, extended the cooperation terms with Foxtrot, an electronic chain store in Ukraine, as well as renewed the contract with BILLA, the European supermarket chain, and one of the major players in the food industry in the Ukrainian market. In January 2013, the operator signed the contract with Technopolis, the significant distributor of electronics on the local market. distributes about 6.1m of leaflets monthly, in total.


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