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easyPack by InPost in Slovakia!

Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cracow, 5th March, 2013


easyPack by InPost in Slovakia!


Slovakian easypack network - a new business model implemented by Group after signing an exclusive option deal with IN TIME, a local courier company owned by Austrian Post Group – along with the launch onto the Slovakian market, has initiated a new model of business cooperation in the area of easyPack network international development. The self-service parcel machines to send and collect the parcels 24 hours a day, deployed around the world within the 4-year investment plan implemented jointly with PineBridge Investments – will be accessible in Slovakia as a result of the exclusive option contract with IN TIME, the company belonging to the Austrian Post.


So far, the Polish operator has been selling the technology or practicing an open model of cooperation with local postal and courier companies as well as directly with e-commerce sector. The new formula of easyPack network development shall provide not only the fixed income from the rental of locker boxes, but also secure the network maintenance costs since the moment of the service implementation onto the new markets, thanks to the minimum, guaranteed threshold of service usage.


At the turn of 2012 and 2013, Group launched as many as 50 easyPack by InPost machines, which was the first phase of investment in Slovakia. All machines will operate on the Slovak market as a result of the exclusive option contract concluded between the Group and the IN TIME, the Slovak number two in the courier B2C market. The Slovak company owned by Austrian Post specializes in logistics support of the e-commerce sector, therefore the option of delivery of the goods purchased online to easyPack machine will soon be available to customers of hundreds Slovakian online stores.



„easyPack network development in Slovakia shows that the EASYPACK project enters into another and more advanced stage of implementation. This is our first 'pay-per-parcel' contract, established with such an important international partner, namely the Austrian post the parent company of the IN TIME company. Such formula of the exclusive collaboration with one partner over the local market opens new business opportunities for the Group. This solution provides easyPack network with the fixed income form the lease instead of a single sales margin. Moreover, thanks to that kind of cooperation, we do not have any financial risk connected with the network maintenance cost during the initial phase of implementation of the devices onto a new market”, says Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.


Slovakia is one of 14 countries – except from Brazil, Chile, Australia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic and Ukraine - where the Group provides its revolutionary devices.


Simultaneously, the Group began implementing easyPack machines in Ukraine. As early as in March 2013, InPost shall introduce 20 easyPack machines in Kiev. In addition, easyPack will be available in the Crimea by the end of 2013, and in some of the 24 provincial cities throughout Ukraine. Ultimately, it is estimated to deploy up to 250 easyPack by InPost machines as part of a 4-year international offensive in that area.


easyPack is the second largest logistics network that enable to send and collect parcels. Currently there are about 1400 easyPack machines operating around the world. By 2016 there will by 16000 easyPack branded devices in the European countries. In 2013, in co-operation with PineBridge investments, the global private equity fund, plans to deploy 3400 new devices throughout the world, and the project is valued at 65 million euros. The 4-year international investing project is estimated at 300 million euros to be implemented within the next 4 years. Through strategic investments - carried out onto international markets - Group revenue will reach the level of EUR 20-40 million per year within the next few years.


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