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    easyPacks by InPost in Spain in 2011

    Press news


    Cracow, 11 August 2011


    The International offensive of the!


    easyPacks by InPost in Spain in 2011

  Group, the operator and provider of the innovative postal and courier solutions and e-commerce services – after succeeded in Estonia and Russia – has begun its expansion in Spain. The agreement with a local courier service company includes designing, producing, delivery and installation of easyPack 27/4 machines in the Spanish cities. It is planned to deploy a few hundred machines in that area, ultimately. The first stage will be completed by the end of 2011 and it is valued at EUR 0.5 million. The value of the contract is estimated at EUR 8.5 million. Due to the compatibility of the technological solutions in 2012 it will be possible to send parcels to Spain via easyPacks 24/7, as well as their collecting in Poland.


    The Group international contracts result in revenue growth to EUR 20-40 million in the next couple of years.


    The cooperation of and Spanish courier company is a result of a dynamic easyPack 24/7 expansion strategy on foreign markets. According to the company plans, easyPack by InPost machines are supposed to be available in every European country within three years’ time. By the end of 2011, the Group introduces its revolutionary service on the four Central and Eastern European markets, excluding Estonia, Russia and Spain. easyPack by InPost will be also present in Lithuania and Ukraine as well as in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Simultaneously the company is in advanced talks with 20 other partners from around the world. 


    Rafał Brzoska, CEO of the Group positively sums up the international activities of the group.-The intensification of activities on foreign markets connected with the easyPacks 24/7 startup is possible not only through the solution’s innovativeness, but also through the accompanying international publicity. This is not surprising to us, because easyPacks are the second largest network in the world, and their popularity is steadily growing. We assume that in three years’ time, the expansive rollout on foreign markets will help us to reach a position of the market leader in terms of easyPacks by InPost availability and coverage, thus overtaking the German DHL’.

  Group relies its international development on three foreign business assumptions based on easyPack service:

    • sale of technology (e.g. activities in Estonia)
    • creating subsidiaries with local partners (e.g. the service development agreement in Russia)
    • major investments of the Group, i.e. launching easyPacks service on foreign markets

    In July 2011 the Group has signed the contract with iTech – the modern technologies fund, part of the QIWI Group. Together they decided to create a special purpose company named QIWI Post. Its task is to develop easyPack business in over 30 Russian cities. The pilot phase will be launched in August 2011 and involves 40 parcel machines to be placed in Moscow within the next 6 months. There is going to be about 440 easyPacks machines in the Russian streets. QIWI Group will invest approximately $30 million in the project.


    In turn, In February 2011 the Group has won contract for delivery of 38 easyPack machines for the Estonian public post, Eesti Post. The contract also provides business technology partnership and advisory services and consulting regarding the commercial launch of the new service in Estonia. The first stage of the order value amounts to € 950 000. The Group also assumes a possibility of systematic increase of the number of ordered equipment.


    In Poland there are 420 easyPacks machines throughout the country and intends to launch another 200 machines in 2011. The company’s plan is to install 1000 machines in Poland by the end of 2012.


    More info available at:,, and: and Paczkomaty Facebook profile.