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    easyPacks make their silver screen debut!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cracow, July 2th, 2012


    easyPacks make their silver screen debut!


    InPost cinema advertising campaign on screens in cinemas across the country.


    The revolutionary easyPack service on giant cinema screens – that’s the way InPost launches its holiday and autumn campaign promoting the 24/7 service to send and collect shipments. The “spectacular” image and promotional campaign combined with the SMS contest, is not only the preview of a nationwide expansion, but also an excellent opportunity for a number of moviegoers to gain some money off vouchers for shopping at and TopSecret, e-stores offering the easyPack delivery option.


    easyPack by InPost campaign based on the10 second teaser and 40-seconds spots shown in special advertising time blocks, before the movies start has been launched on Friday, June 29th in the Multikino network in Poznań. Then it will be also available in Tricity, Wrocław, Silesia region including Gliwice and Rybnik, then Kraków, and Warsaw, eventually. The campaign ends in October, 2012.



    The ad movies on big screens are not the only thing! The campaign is supported by off-screen activities, such as plasmas, infotex signs, or floor stickers. There will be also an action at the ticket offices- each customer receives a ticket in a special paper case. There will be also a campaign using geotargeting with e-mails, and SMS marketing for the specific audience.


    “Cinema means emotions and great fun for those eager for new experiences. The same is with easyPack service. Every day we get a lot of positive signs, especially from those who had the opportunity to collect their parcel form the easyPack machine for the first time. The emotions that accompany them, show the attractiveness of the solution that enables receiving online purchases via easyPack by InPost service, and is significantly different from any conventional courier and postal services. That’s why we decided to prepare an unconventional campaign promoting the easyPack service – this time on the Multikino network cinema screens, so we can also create some unique experiences for the recipients and current and potential service users”, said Jacek Siekierczak, easyPack by InPost brand manager.


    Additionally, within the easyPack cinema campaign, the moviegoers will have the opportunity to take part in the exciting competition to get some and TopSecret vouchers.There are no losers this time! Everybody who sends an SMS shall get a 20% discount for e-shopping in and a 15% discount will be given by TopSecret. Moreover, every day to people will get 200 PLN to spend in one of the partner shops.


    The easyPack cinema spot was written by Hand-made agency, and it has been produced by Trygom Film. Multikino, the leader of custom advertising solutions, is a partner of the easyPack promotional campaign.


    Visit also:,, and and the easyPack profile on Facebook.