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    Eight alternative European postal operators meet in Cracow

    Eight alternative European postal operators meet in Cracow


    A meeting of eight European alternative postal operators will take place in Cracow, between 25th and 26th May 2010. During the meeting, hosted by InPost, the largest alternative postal operator in Poland, delegates will discuss liberalization of postal market in the EU countries.


    With the main focus of their countries’ present situation, the representatives of Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia and the United Kingdom will discuss the situation of the European postal services market. Postal operators will share their experience on actions that are taken on partially liberal markets.


    The purpose of the meeting is to start a dialogue on establishing an European association of alternative postal operators. The association would aim at jointly securing the companies’ businesses in Europe. Its main task would be to foster the activity of independent postal operators in co-operation with the European Committee and domestic institutions regulating the market, as well as to promote the rules of the free market in the given EU countries. What is more, the delegates will agree on the position of alternative operators in reference to the privileged state-owned postal operators.


    Rafal Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of InPost said: “InPost is eager to engage itself in industry events. Moreover, participating in international conferences allows us to observe tendencies on world’s postal markets. An issue of creating international organization acting as communication platform and the forum of expertise, has been on the mouths of independent postal operators for a long time. The meeting in Cracow will be an excellent opportunity to initiate the creation of a group unifying alternative postal operators. This is a project that can contribute the many good changes in the sector.”


    Creating an institution aiming at promoting liberal postal market is a natural consequence of its dynamic development. Michele Barnier, the European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, is the supporter of full and accurate introduction of postal directives, based on unified regulations for all EU countries. InPost together with the fellow companies from other countries has decided to achieve this goal.


    InPost takes an active part in industry conferences and debates organized in Poland and outside of it. In March 2010, during the European Postal Services Conference in Brussels, Rafal Brzoska, the president of the company, gave a talk entitled “Providing fast and low cost parcel delivery”. Furthermore, during the discussion panel on e-commerce tools in postal services of the Second High Level Conference on Postal Services organised by the European Commission in Valencia in April 2010, Marcin Bosacki, the Business Development Manager of InPost, talked about the use of new technologies and innovative solutions by the company.


    In June, the representatives of InPost will participate in the World Mail and Express Europe Conference and during October in Post Expo 2010, hosted in Copenhagen. Moreover, between June 3rd and 4th 2010, the company will take part in the Direct Marketing Days in Ukraine 2010 conference in Kiev, which is dedicated to direct marketing.


    The account of the conferences will be available at and


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