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    For the fifth time, InPost has been nominated for the prestigious World Mail Award!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Warsaw, April 18, 2012


    For the fifth time, InPost has been nominated for the prestigious World Mail Award!


    Postal Oscars within the range of InPost for the international expansion


    This is InPost’s fifth consecutive year receiving the honour. InPost, the largest independent postal operator and a part of Group has been nominated in the Growth category, one of the 13 most important categories of World Mail Awards. The event has become a major entry in the calendar of the company events, and the victories in that prestigious competition have become a tradition during 5 year company’s business activity. The final of 13th edition of 'World Mail Awards' will be held May 21 in Geneva.


    In this year’s WMA edition, the largest independent Polish postal operator struggles to win in the Growth category, just like last year. The nomination is for the easyPack by InPost service expansion to international markets. Apart from InPost there are other contenders for the winning title in theGrowth category; Deutsche Post DHL, Liban Post, and Pony Express.


    “The fact that world class industry experts have been recognizing our potential for a few yearsregarding InPost as a competitive provider of postal and courier services in the global market - shows how much we can still achieve by setting international trends and entering in the global industrial development trends”, says Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of InPost.



    In 2011 InPost was the undisputed leader in the two categories of the 'World Mail Awards' contest: E-commerce and Innovation, winning the same with such international postal market leaders, as Post Danmark, Sweden Post, Neopost and Pos Malaysia. The company has been recognized by world-renowned experts, among others, for creating trends on the Polish postal market and implementation of innovative tools and solutions in this area. The company was also honoured for business operations in e-commerce sector and non-routine activities, exploiting the potential of social media in the current market strategy.


    On the other hand, in 2010 InPost was unbeatable in the Growth category. The company was recognized for all activities carried out on only partially liberalized postal market in Poland.


    "Growth, we note every year - both in terms of operational development, as well as international offensive - is a vindication of our strategy. easyPack service is the largest and most difficult, but the most promising project, being implemented by the Group. We enjoy challenges! We have started our activity in the market captive by the Polish Post, year on year, achieving an increasing commercial success, and today, just 5 years after the entry onto this difficult market - we are fighting for the international leadership in the self-service parcel services. We are convinced that we will achieve this goal over the next four years, placing easyPack by InPost around the world "- announces Rafał Brzoska


    The extra territorial activities of, in just 12 months resulted in signing investment agreements with nine international partners by InPost, through which easyPack machines will be available outside the Polish boarders - from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Russia, Cyprus and Spain, to Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Chile. Therefore these machines used for independent sending and receiving parcels at any time, in less than a year have become synonymous of innovation, and promoting Poland in the international arena. The Group network of innovative and revolutionary machines built from scratch is currently the second largest logistics structure of that type in the world.


    At the same time, the Group is preparing to launch up to 16 thousand easyPack by InPost machines throughout the world within the next 4 years. The value of the project is estimated at € 350 million, and Ernst &Young provides consulting services in the area of this project.


    easyPack by InPost international expansion


    IRELAND – February 2012
    • Delivery of 100 easyPack by InPost machines within the 1st stage of the contract to Nightline Couriers, the courier market leader in Ireland

    LATVIA - January 2012
    • Production, delivery and installation of 29 easyPack machines in Latvia as part of the third stage of the contract with Eesti Post
    LITHUANIA - December 2011
    • Production, delivery and installation of 35 easyPack machines in Lithuania as part of the second-stage contract with Eesti Post
    CHILE – October 2011
    • InPost company's entry into the continent of America – technology sale contract with Correos de Chile
    SAUDI ARABIA – September 2011
    • The first non-European company’s contract – with Saudi Post including production, delivery, and installation of easyPack by InPost machines in Saudi Arabia
    CYPRUS – September 2011
    • the agreement with Cyprus public post for production and delivery easyPack machines
    SPAIN – August 2011
    • The agreement with a local courier company including design, production, delivery, and installation of several hundred easyPacks throughout Spain.
    • The first stage is valued at EUR 0.5m, and the total value of the contract is estimated at EUR 8.5m.
    • In 2012 it will be possible to send parcels to Spain via easyPack by InPost, as well as their collecting in Poland.
    RUSSIA – July 2011
    • The agreement concluded by InPost and iTech – the modern technologies fund, part of the QIWI Group; companies have decided on the creation of a special purpose company named QIWI Post, which task is to develop easyPack business in over 30 Russian cities.
    • There is going to be about 440 Easypacks machines in the Russian streets, eventually.
    • QIWI Group will invest approximately $30 million in the project.
    ESTONIA – February 2011
    • The contract for delivery of 38 easyPack by InPost machines for Eesti Post (the first stage of the contract)
    • The contract also covers business technology partnership and advisory services and consulting regarding the commercial launch of the new service in Estonia.
    • The first stage of the order value amounts to € 950 000.


    More info can be found at:,,,, as well as:, and easyPack by InPost profile on Facebook.