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    Great Parcel-sweeping in Paczkomaty!

    Great Parcel-sweeping in Paczkomaty!


    On 22nd June Parcel-sweeping set off. The competition, connected to a special application on the social networking site, Facebook, is targeted at all the users of the website who do shopping on-line. In order to win a prize enter and try to guess in which box of a parcel machine the contest prize is hidden. InPost Modern Post is the organiser of the competition.


    The contest will be held on end two times a week. In every part, the prize goes to the first person who succeeds to guess in which box the prize is hidden. The prizes have been donated by the on-line shops which cooperate with Paczkomaty 24/7. Our partners include, among others,,,,,,, and is the sponsor of the main prize in the first edition of the competition.

  is the sponsor of the main prize, Lenovo’s notebook, in the first edition of the competition. There are more than 20 thousand products in the offer of, out of which around 7 thousand is available on the spot. was recognised as the best on-line shop selling hardware by “PC World” magazine in 2010. It was also chosen the best on-line shop in Poland in the ranking of “Wprost” weekly and Internet service published in October 2009. 


    “Facebook is popular among the target group of Paczkomaty service, that is, the people between 18 and 40, who shop on-line often. We hope that the prizes funded by our partners will attract many of the website’s users to use our parcel machines, especially that the chances of winning a prize in every edition of the competition run at one to eighty”, said Marcin Bosacki, Business Development Manager in InPost.


    The main aim of the action on Facebook is to raise the awareness of the existence of Paczkomaty 24/7 among the users of the website and familiarize the Polish, who shop on-line more and more every year, with this innovative and convenient way of transporting their purchased goods.


    Both InPost and Paczkomaty have been present on social networking sites since March 2010. They are active on Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare and micoblogs: Blip and Flaker. The company also maintains a blog. WeAreMedia agency is responsible for the image of InPost and Paczkomaty 24/7 on social networking sites.