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    Hundreds of e-stores are already offering a delivery to InPost Parcel Machines! New ones are still joining!

     Cracow, 23rd February 2011


    Hundreds of e-stores are already offering a delivery to InPost Parcel Machines!
    New ones are still joining!


    InPost Parcel Machines are now available for use to new e-shopping enthusiasts. The "Send to a Parcel Machine" option is being offered as a novelty by white goods e-stores such as, and The prestigious PWN book store and the largest Polish online pharmacy,, have also introduced the solution to their delivery options. Also, thanks to the integration of Parcel Machines 24/7 with the and stores, the computer games and car lovers can take advantage of the service.


    Parcel Machines 24/7 guarantee prompt and safe online shopping. Thanks to it, both the online stores and its users may post and collect parcels without queuing, around the clock, 7 days a week and in a convenient location.


    "We are extremely happy that the option of parcel collection through InPost Parcel Machines is being made accessible by more and more online shops. What is noteworthy is that not only can large e-shops use the option but also the Internet selling platform users. The InPost Parcel Machines are an excellent logistic solution for small shops selling online. The portfolio of our clients is constantly thickening. Without any doubt, the lowest returns ratio on the market has something to do with that; only three parcels out of a thousand are returned to the e-store. This means a lot of savings for the e-store because they do not need to resend the parcel", says Rafal Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of InPost.


    Since January 2011, InPost Parcel Machines are available for the users of the platform, which associates around 1,300 stores active in many different business areas. Thanks to this, tens of thousands orders placed in iStore may be completed with the use of Paczkomaty 24/7. This innovative solution which has been offered by the Group for just only one and a half years, also implemented by,, and eTradePRO stores, is now servicing more than 2,000 e-stores, whose offer is available for millions of customers.


    The functionality of the Parcel Machines has been tested by the sales representatives and clients of the online AVON shop, the Allegro shoppers and the Internet users who shop on Komputronik, NEO 24, VOBIS or, a online book store. The service is also available from the moment it was launched by and, underwear stores. The e-commerce people value the functionality of the Parcel Machines in the everyday servicing process of the e-stores customers.


    "Online shopping belongs to the realm of everyday activities and although we are still attending traditional shops, we value e-shopping for convenience, price and simplicity of services. We also want to collect the purchased goods easily. The innovative InPost service is not only a reply to the customers' expectations but also the effect of their creativity. It is precisely thanks to rising requirements of the Poles we are able to progress. Because of that, InPost Parcel Machines is a service of the future. A customer of ours does not waste their time to queue, wait for a courier and is not irritated by constantly receiving delivery notes instead of the parcel, the verification of ID as one text message suffices to settle this simple activity without unnecessary hustle and bustle. The parcel waits for the client and not the other way round. Our competitors distribute delivery notes, we distribute letters and parcels. Making the use of simple postal services simple and time-saving is our motto", adds Jacek Powalka, the InPost Marketing Manager.


    The Group has already deployed 420 Parcel Machines in nearly 100 towns and cities of Poland. Another 150 machines will be installed by the end of 2011. In the long run, the company plans to operate 800 machines in the whole country and enter the markets of Central and Eastern European countries.


    Detailed information of the service, localizations and the list of the stores offering the option of delivery to a Parcel Machine 24/7 is available on The functionality of Parcel Machines can be checked in an instructional film. On you can find the information on lotteries and special offers. We also run a company blog: