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    • Launch of fast and convenient delivery thanks to a strategic agreement between, TNT Italy and InPost
    • Collection of customer orders from any of the 100 InPost Parcel Lockers currently available in Italy
    • 1000 InPost Parcel Lockers to be operational throughout Italy by the end of 2015

    January 20:  Italians purchasing books from Italy’s largest online bookshop can now benefit from the convenience of collecting their orders 24/7 from innovative InPost Parcel Lockers thanks to a strategic agreement between, TNT Italy and InPost. There are currently 100 InPost Parcel Lockers operating in Italy (a number set to rise to 1000 terminals the end of 2015) and these complement a network of 1200 TNT Points that already serve products including the Tolino and Tolino Vision2 e-readers.

    InPost Parcel Lockers are automated terminals that fulfill consumers’ need for convenient parcel delivery by offering unlimited collection availability (24/7, 365 days a year) from a locker of their choice. Lockers can already be found in Rome, Milan and Torino, at locations considered hubs for e-commerce activity including supermarkets and petrol stations (Carrefour, Total Erg, Repsol).

    The launch of a Parcel Locker network in Italy has been made possible as a result of a strategic agreement between InPost and TNT Italy. TNT Italy is the sole logistic and commercial operator for InPost. The objective is for 1000 terminals to be operational by the end of 2015, making it the most extensive network of its kind ever installed in Italy. The InPost- TNT Italy cooperation provides Italian customers multiple options and guaranteed delivery times, making it an immediately viable alternative for nationwide distribution.

    These new parcel collection options are strongly connected to improved customer loyalty: customers who used TNT Points were more likely to provide repeat business.

    “Owners of e-shops are well aware of customers’ faith in the quality of service provided by the TNT Point system and they realise the significant added value to their clients. The agreement with is very important to us, they are the first strategic Italian e-commerce operator to appreciate the advantages a multi channel network of InPost Parcel Lockers and TNT Points offers their customers. The possibility for e-shoppers to collect their purchases at a time of their choice, from a conveniently located locker, where they can also pay while collecting, is a gigantic leap forward in terms of customer experience.”, explains Luca Dozio, TNT Italy Business Development Senior Manager.

    ”E-commerce was born with home deliveries, however without reception desks and fixed delivery points that can be accessed during working hours it is difficult to ensure timely delivery of orders going forwards.”, declares Guido Rugginini, operations director, “Thanks to InPost Parcel Lockers our customers can enjoy a genuinely new service, it provides a level of convenience in parcel collection that will help us maintain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Our successful partnership with TNT and the InPost Parcel Locker system is one of the most advanced solutions we could offer our customers.”

    ”InPost Parcel Lockers act not only as catalysts for the e-commerce sector, they also redefine the mechanisms of relations between customers and providers of goods. The focus is moving from the retail sector to high traffic hubs and from e-commerce to logistics players- we can provide every link in the supply chain between seller and buyer. We understand the added value we bring, the possibilities for increased e-commerce turnover, attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing customers. We are certain that agreements already signed with key Italian business partners will positively impact the development of our network in Italy making them even more convenient for users.”, states Stefano Moni, managing director of InPost Italy.

    Using an InPost Parcel Locker is extremely easy. A customer need simply select their most conveniently located InPost Parcel Locker for delivery (perhaps the one closest to their home, school, work, etc) when making a purchase online with a participating e-store. As soon as TNT delivers the parcel to the selected InPost Parcel Locker, the customer receives a text with a QR code and an e-mail with detailed information regarding the parcel’s delivery. Customers then have 3 days to collect the parcel from their chosen InPost Parcel Locker. Using the code provided the customer can open the automated box securely holding their parcel to complete the entire operation in just a few seconds!

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