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    InFlavo introduces a flash widget

     Cracow, March 24th, 2011


    InFlavo introduces a flash widget


    InFlavo's creators keep on surprising. Within weeks after including free mini applications in its offer, e-InPost launched widget, another tool which boosts the f-commerce effectiveness. The new service, same as the other company's products, will be free for individuals and companies running an InFlavo store.


    Widget, an innovative marketing solution allows:

    • reaching the network of friends of anyone who visits the company's fan page (who are often active opinion leaders) with an offer, and to reach new distribution and promotions channel;
    • enhance the clients' loyalty;
    • discussing the products by fans and their friends


    Another reason to use a widget is the fact that an offer recommended by a friend is far more convincing and better received by potential customers.


    'In the age of dynamic development of the e-commerce and f-commerce sectors, the traditional way of informing potential customers about the products and their features is no longer attractive. Due to a revolution that we all take part in because of Facebook, promotional activities cannot sum up to advertising, but require interaction with fans. When a widget comes into play, the store's offer reaches customers through their friends, and that reinforces its value and the will of purchase', said Jaroslaw Armada.


    Widget, a trailblazing solution designed for the f-commerce sector, offered by e-InPost allows clients who own a store on InFlavo platform generation of small, Flash windows, resembling Facebook videos. They can easily be placed on the company's fan page so that the fans can share information on products with others easily and in a convenient way as well as do shopping without going to the store's website.


    What is a feature of widget, as well as many other InFlavo products', is simplicity: in order to promote your products you only need to click the button which generates a widget, add products and post it on one store's wall. The next step is up to the fans, who spread the information about the product by making the widget accessible for others.


    Viren Bhandari, the e-InPost Manager: 'Our proposal has been tailor-made to current marketing trends and fulfils advertising for both small and large stores. Widget is a tool a store can use to sell products with large discounts and to gather fans, which increases the brand's position and influences the number of orders.'