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    InFlavo Kultura comes into play

     Press news

    Cracow, 19 July 2011


    InFlavo Kultura comes into play!


    e-InPost launched promotional and sales platform for celebrities


    InFlavo Authors surprise again! E-InPost is a part of the Group and the winner of numerous awards for innovation, considered to be a leader of e-commerce and f-commerce market in Poland. The latest e-InPost project known as InFlavo Kultura has been just launched. This innovative and unique solution based on Facebook social network popularity and InFlavo innovative business concept and technology is addressed to the world of art, entertainment, media, sport, science and education representatives.


    InFlavo Kultura platform is thought to create and maintain relationships and attracting new fans, but on the other hand is a great promoting tool that enables direct sales of products and services by artists and their publishers, sportsmen and cultural and educational institutions.


    The estimated project cost amounts to several hundred thousand zlotys and is financed from the company own resources. Group assumes that InFlavo and InFlavo Kultura platforms will gain several thousand of active users by the end of 2012.


    Rafał Brzoska, e-InPost CEO isvery excited about this new venture: "InFlavo Kultura is an absolutely novelty on the market. Its business concept is based on InFlavo sales platform that has been successfully operating for several months. Until now, nobody has even thought to use the social potential of Facebook in such an easy way and link it with the “friendly” sale option based on the popularity of domestic stars. Once again, we prove that there are still a lot of e-commerce and social shopping niches to be perfectly managed”.


    Due to the communicative and commercial nature of the InFlavo Kultura platform there will be a possibility to sell books, paintings, CDs and many other gadgets. The platform can also serve as a custom distribution channel of invitations and tickets for sports or cultural events. It also enables to distribute information about such events. Using the dedicated Facebook fan page one can also run special actions, including: concerts promoting, campaigns preceding books or CDs publication.


    InFlavo Kulturais without the doubt a project which exceeds Polish business realities. However, we assume that the platform will meet with the great interest not only among artists, but it will also allow to many cultural, sport and educational institutions , especially from the public sector, to upgrade their image. While commercial facilities know the promotion is the key to increase sale and constantly are seeking new forms of market communication, the barrier often turns out to be a method and channel of reaching potential clients. InFlavo Kultura solves the problem by offering marketing potential and at the same time social media sales potential”- ensures Rafał Brzoska.


    Additionally, thanks to the InFlavo platform integration with InPost Easypacks – a gadget signed by artist, CD or DVD, tickets for a concert or a match can be easily reached within 24 hours. On the other hand, there is also something for the impatient fans – the premiere editions of CDs and books of their favorite artists and writers will be available at Easypacks a second after midnight on the date of release, which is approximately 10 hours earlier than the best music stores or bookstores.


    InFlavo Kultura advantages:


    • Ease of use: store configuration and usage is fully intuitive


    • No need to register by users browsing the store


    • Extensive administration panel/dashboard/ - wide possibilities products adding and editing (photo gallery, items features, etc.)


    • Fully automate product importing from XML in case of having “traditional” e-store located at webpage; such option enables to products’ data transfer as well as integrate the InFlavo Kultura store with an ordinary e-store using the API provided.


    • Full support for discount codes, which are the excellent promotion form addressed to fans


    • Dispatch system integrated with the Easypacks network


    • Implemented electronic payment system (Dotpay)


    • Automatic products promotion on the fan page


    • The possibility to define graphic elements individually


    • Constantly expanded package of additional services, such as: free mini-apps for Facebook, InFlavo widget and mobile version for mobile devices


    More info about InFlavo Kultura can be found /kultura, and