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    InPost among the winners of 'the ones who change Polish industry'

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cracow, 11th January, 2013


    InPost among the winners of „the ones who change Polish industry”


    Innovation in all aspects of the activities that has been absent in the postal market until now, visionary perception of the industry, promotion of Poland in the international arena through the easyPack by InPost service and a huge contribution to the development of the postal and courier sector – those are the achievements thanks to which InPost is among the companies 'changing Polish industry'. Nowy Przemysł magazine and the portal have chosen the winners of the annual, (lasting more than 10 years) competition which idea is to award people, companies, institutions or events significantly affecting positive changes in Polish industry and the wider economy. The presentation of prizes will take place on February 11, 2013, in Warsaw during the Forum 'We change Polish Industry'.



    Apart from InPost, among the awarded were Jan Kulczyk, BASF Polska, PESA and Newag, the rolling stock manufacturers, PG Silesia, and such events as the fusion of two nitrogen plants in Tarnów and Puławy, and EURO 2012 championships. The titles of “the one who changes Polish industry” for 2012 were awarded according to the new formula. So far, when selecting, the editors were supported by the opinions of the previous editions. Currently, the candidates are also selected by the portal users.


    InPost, created by the strategic and multidimensional business vision of Rafał Brzoska, operates in postal and courier industry, one of the key sector of Polish economy dominated by Poczta Polska, former monopolist. The company also provides services for the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, creating a new era and setting up new standards for the activities of Polish companies in the international arena.


    „It was very good and a very active year for us. On the eve of the liberalization of the postal sector in Poland, to the last moment we were fighting for equal rights and the possibility for sustainable development of the market. At the same time we have been implementing - under the agreements with international partners - hundreds of new easyPack machines throughout the world. In 2012, these devices were deployed in Australia, Chile, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Ireland and Latvia. And now, in the beginning of 2013 we have started processing the contract for the Brazilian operator. At the same time on the European markets we are implementing the project based on the automated postal terminals, which will be able to replace the traditional post offices in the future. Therefore, we are so excited about the fact the title awarded by the Nowoczesny Przemysł is for innovativeness manifested at different levels of activity and adopted to the real market and customers’ expectations”, said Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of InPost.


  Group's strategy is based on a novel solutions that haven’t been implemented yet. They revolutionize not only the realm of business, but also the services aimed at individual customers. Group, mainly thanks to easyPack by InPost, the self-service machines for sending and receiving parcels, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in a location chosen by the customer - has made a spectacular breakthrough in thinking and perception of the postal and courier market in Poland. This sector has been neglected for years by Poczta Polska, for which the lack of competition was a favourable factor for the market "idle", deepening a long-term stagnation in the industry.


    easyPack by InPost services are undoubtedly one of the most promising Polish export brands, as demonstrated by the contracts signed by us all over the world. We had no doubt that the solution offered by us would conquer the whole Europe. Thanks to them we are promoting Poland as an innovative country, open to new business ventures. Thus we show that in a global market there is still much room for innovative services that perfectly fit into the macro-market trends”, added Rafał Brzoska.


    In October 2012, Rafał Brzoska, CEO of was in the prestigious group of, "Visionaries 2012". In the ranking of the most influential personalities of the business created by Gazeta Prawna journal, one could find the following names: Wojciech Sobieraj, President of Alior Bank and Herbert Wirth, President of KGHM Polska Miedź.


    Simultaneously, in 2012, the Group won the title of the Ambassador of the Polish Economy 2012" in the category European Brand, under the patronage of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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