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    InPost and NCR revolutionize postal and banking services

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Brussels, September 21st, 2012


    InPost and NCR revolutionize postal and banking services


    Self-service terminal helps increase customer satisfaction and brings down operating costs


    InPost offers a spectacular breakthrough in the postal industry: The company introduces the automated postal terminal which helps improve efficiency and in future may replace unprofitable post offices.


    The latest InPost’s idea is an automated postal terminal combining the functionalities of registered mail and a parcel pick-up machine with a traditional automated teller machine (ATM), a unique and pioneering pilot in the world so far. The device has been developed in cooperation with NCR, a global leader in ATM manufacturing, and presented for the first time during PostExpo trades in Brussels on September 18th – 20th.



    The automated postal terminal adds value to the services from national post operators or can even replace some of the unprofitable post offices as they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no queues and in a convenient location for customers. The terminals offer postal as well as banking related services such as the delivery of registered letters, bill payments, money transfers, cash withdrawals and deposits, pick-up and shipment of parcels. International postal operators showed a lot of interest in the solution at PostExpo 2012 and will be testing first terminals of this type within this year.



    Automation and combination of various logistics, postal and financial services within a single device is a groundbreaking idea at a global scale. The InPost self-service postal terminal is as easy to use as a traditional ATM and provides postal and courier services based on technologically advanced solutions.



    InPost creates a world of simple solutions by going far beyond the scope of traditional postal services. The automated postal terminals are a great opportunity for national operators to offer their customers the innovative features which make their lifes easier. At the same time, the solutions help achieve huge savings thanks to greater efficiency. In particular it refers to unprofitable post offices that need to be maintained because of the legal obligation of national operators to provide access to general interest services"- comments Rafał Brzoska, InPost’s CEO.


    “We see a growing demand from postal organizations for self-service solutions that provide greater customer experience and considerable operational savings. With this new terminal we offer them innovative equipment based upon the long-standing experience NCR has as a leading supplier of assisted and self-service solutions in retail, financial services, travel and other industries. This enables NCR to share our best practices with the postal sector. We strongly believe that the postal terminal will revolutionize the face of posts over the next few years” - says Wolfgang Kneilmann, NCR Vice President Central and Eastern Europe.


    Currently in the world there are about 670,000 post offices, many of which are permanently unprofitable. The solution has a chance to initiate some inevitable changes to the legislation of particular countries that are currently limiting the ability to implement innovations in the area of traditional postal services.


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