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    InPost announced the Master of Business in the Transport and Logistics category!

    6th July, 2010


    InPost announced the Master of Business in the Transport and Logistics category!


    InPost, the largest independent postal operator, a part of Group, became the Master of Business in the Transport and Logistics category. The company’s financial results, the boldness of economic vision, expertise in management, conquering new markets both home and abroad, and corporate social responsibility are what decided about the company’s victory. “” monthly and Migut Media SA publishing house are the organisers of the ranking.


    The organisers of the Master of Business contest are motivated by the aim of creating the propitious conditions for the development of enterprise in the country as well as supporting competitive and open market economy. The awards and accolades were bestowed in 11 categories by a committee consisting of the economy, state administration, politics, media and law personages.


    “The Master of Business title is a proof that business versatility of InPost is showing effect, not only reflecting the good financial condition of the company and its high and constantly growing potential, but also the recognition earned with experts in different fields. Ethical and innovative business conduct is what the companies forming Group cherish. We will go on promoting this sort of attitude in the Polish economy, we will persist in raising the attractiveness and competitiveness of InPost. We are currently about to introduce new revolutionary services. For the year 2010 we planned to launch the hybrid mail project, co-created with Cracow-based company, implementation of text-message payment as well as opening the e-invoicing outsourcing centre”, says Rafal Brzoska, the President of the Board of Directors of InPost Modern Post.


    InPost has been successful in the domestic postal services sector, which is becoming increasingly liberal. Not only is the company aiming at enforcing European standards in the field of the products in offer and customer service on the Polish market, but it is also actively promoting the liberalization of the market in the EU countries and building the positive image of Polish postal-courier market. The latest of InPost’s initiatives in this field is setting up the Association of Independent Postal Operators, which aims at joint protection of the operators’ interests and promoting the rules of the free market. InPost is currently in the course of finalizing the agreement concerning the organisation with other companies from the Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia and Great Britain.


    The company’s activities have been recognised by domestic and international award committees. In June 2010, InPost won the international World Mail Awards contest. The company was announced an indisputable winner in the Growth category for the dynamic development on the Polish postal services market.


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