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    InPost announces partnership with Repsol Italy

    • InPost extends the reach of their revolutionary automated parcel machines in major cities to additional towns thanks to a new location agreement with Repsol
    • Repsol will allow its customers easy and quick parcel deliveries twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

    Inpost - the e-commerce facilitator and global leader in automated parcel machines - has announced a partnership with the Italian-Spanish Repsol, owner of a petrol station network covering 29 countries, for the installation of InPost parcel lockers in Italy. The agreement will extend the unique InPost solution to additional cities in Italy and strengthen the existing network in other major Italian cities. In total up to 1,000 InPost automated parcel machines will be deployed in Italy by the end of 2015.


    Since the beginning of 2014, the expansion of the innovative InPost automated parcel machines network in Italy has continued to accelerate and the business plan for the territory has developed with it. Recently, InPost signed a strategic agreement with TNT Express Italy, resulting in TNT providing logistical services for InPost automated parcel machines in Italy. In addition, InPost cooperates with Banzai, the largest Italian e-commerce platform.

    The enlargement of the automated parcel machines network goes hand in hand with the growth of e-commerce in the country. By the end of 2014, Italian e-shops sales are expected to grow by around 17% yoy, with an estimated turnover of €13.2 billion. Mobile e-commerce growth reached a heady €637 million in 2013 and a further 85% growth is expected in 2014, bringing the value of this channel to over 1 billion euro1.

    "The partnership with Repsol is a step further towards InPost’s primary objective to meet the needs of the Italian market. "The petrol stations are the locations with high user traffic and consequently satisfy the criteria of easy accessibility of the service, these are strategic necessities for the localisation of our terminals. We are pleased to have signed an agreement with another major global player and hope to develop synergies beyond the current national borders. This corresponds with our objective to increase our presence internationally.", said Stefano Moni, CEO of InPost Italy.

    InPost has revolutionised the postal services market in recent years, providing convenience and advantages for all involved: for those who host the terminals, e-retailers, couriers and those who buy online of course. Customers enjoy 24/7 availability and not being tied to typical working hours and the inconvenience of courier delivery, they can also quickly return goods and get their money back promptly.

    InPost ensures a quick and easy system for Italian companies everyday deliveries whilst also providing an extremely innovative and modern solution to develop their business- by hosting a terminal they can become an even more important focal point for the local community.

    The InPost automated parcel machines network continues its rapid expansion elsewhere in Europe. In the UK, with over 1,000 collection points, InPost is the largest automated machines’ operator. The service has been growing rapidly in the past 18 months with new collection points emerging at London Underground stations, e-commerce and logistics partners like MetaPack or P4D, and store chains such as Morrisons and Toys R Us. Within two years, a planned 2,500 of these innovative terminals will be provided also in France, with Colis-Privé confirmed as a logistics partner.

    The development of the InPost automated parcel machines network in Asia and the Middle East North Africa (MENA) regions is well underway. In Hong Kong, InPost has established cooperation with CX Courier Ltd.- a leading Asian courier company- to implement 300 terminals by the end of 2016. From December 2014, the innovative InPost parcel locker solution will be also available in Malaysia. It is expected that the national network will reach 350 terminals by 2016 and will be available in locations such as shopping malls, universities and residential areas/compounds. In the MENA region, InPost announced a joint venture with Aramex- the leading global provider of logistics and transportation solutions- ensuring consumers across the region and Africa access to InPost’s innovative automated parcel machines for all e-commerce activities.

    The InPost automated parcel machines network is the largest international network of automated parcel machines enabling the dispatch and collection of parcels, with ease and from convenient locations. The network ensures the highest quality logistics for online purchases. ‘Tailor-made’ InPost solutions can already be found on 22 international markets: Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, France, Malaysia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. There are currently over 3,500 automated parcel machines based on InPost’s technology located worldwide with plans to introduce a further 6,000 new terminals in Europe, Asia, Americas and MENA regions in the near future.

    InPost automated parcel machines have won multiple industry awards globally. The high standard and innovativeness of the InPost solution was recognised at the ‘World Mail Awards 2013’ where the company won the ‘Customer Service’ category. The latest product from InPost and NCR Corp., the 5th generation Modular parcel locker, has been awarded ‘Innovation of the Year’ in the prestigious Postal Technology International Awards.

    In the UK, InPost automated parcel machines recently won the ‘The Delivery Excellence Award 2014’ in the ‘Best Carrier Contribution to Delivery Innovation’ category.

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     1) Source: Observatory eCommerce B2c Netcomm – Politecnico of Milan