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    InPost awarded in Golden Arrow

    Press news


    Cracow, 20 June 2011


    InPost awarded in Golden Arrow


    InPost - the largest independent postal-courier operator, part of the group has been awarded in the 6th edition of the Golden Arrow 2011 contest, in the “Open” category. The company has been recognized for the unconventional InPost LOVE campaign implemented in February 2011.


    Golden Arrow is the contest intended for the best campaign of the direct marketing, organized by VFP Communications and the Polish Direct Marketing Association, inter alia, under the auspices of Media&Marketing Polska.


    The aim of the InPost LOVE campaign - beyond warming the company’s image – was to arouse the interest in the InPost Easypacks service among the young, who actively use the Internet and buy online. The campaign’s objective was also to encourage the Internet users and their friends to use the unconventional and alternative option of posting and collecting mail, offered by InPost Easypacks.


    The effect of the campaign was gaining three times more new users of Easypacks that has been expected during the initial phase of the project. It has also contributed to propagate the Power Post services – based on hybrid mail technology - offered by InPost and Mass Mailing Integrated (MMI).


    The InPost LOVE campaign was based on the positive message, created with the help of “Zestaw do pielęgnacji dobrych znajomości”(“good relationship care kit”). It was attached to the greeting sent by Facebook users, with the use of the Power Post application. Thanks to those unconventional solutions , the InPost LOVE campaign has reached 81% effectiveness in the scope of winning new clients, who had chosen their Easypack item after the invitation sent by their friends, registered in the system and received their “Zestaw do pielęgnacji dobrych znajomości”(“good relationship care kit”).


    InPost and Mass Mailing Integrated (MMI) encouraged individual clients to cultivate the tradition of writing letters using the “POUR OUT YOUR FEELINGS ON PAPER, it doesn’t cost a thing” motto. That way, a letter sent by electronic means, without leaving home, was delivered to an Easypack in a traditional printed version together with a Valentine’s gift – some soil, flower seeds and heart-shaped pot.


    InPost LOVE campaign was supported by mailings, contests available at Easypacks’ funpage and InPost’s Facebook profile. Additionally, the project was accompanied by radio and press ads as well as outdoor campaign.


    More info at:, and, and at and Easypack's profile on Facebook.