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    InPost Easypacks – the "Diamond" among postal-courier services

    Press news


    Cracow, 15 June 2011


    InPost Easypacks – the „Diamond” among postal-courier services


    The triumphant ranking of site


    InPost – the largest independent postal operator, the pioneer and creator of the concept of Easypacks service in Poland, as well as the second self-service parcel machines provider in the world –has once again outclassed its market rivals in terms of innovation. EasyPacks – unbeatable and unique option enabling parcels’ dispatch and collect at any time of a day and night – has gained the title of the “Diamond” among the other distinguishing innovative postal-courier service industry. InPost has beaten Poczta Polska, XLogics and INetNovation among many others. The prize was awarded to the company by the industry site editors, during the 1st Polish Conference of Courier and Postal Shipments’ Senders.


    InPost Easypacks – thanks to an innovative business idea, advanced technological solutions and individual approach to the customers’ needs – break out of the traditional formula of sending and collecting parcels. Easypacks offer their clients the opportunity to be completely independent from couriers or traditional postal services operating only during the specified period of daytime, which does not fit the market realty and the lifestyle of modern Poles. InPost EasyPacks enables its clients to decide about the time and place of parcel collecting, regardless their situation and the time of a day.


    InPost Easypacks is the only Polish solution that guarantee parcel collecting in just 17 seconds, on the way to work or home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a convenient location chosen by the client. The timely delivery that has not been available on the market so far is also the service advantage; up to 98% of parcels can be collected form the Easypack item a day after posting, which significantly exceeds the standards of courier services operating in Poland, even the international companies.


    The ranking results have been accurately summarized by Rafał Brzoska, the CEO: InPost Easypacks are doomed to succeed in its simplicity and purely pragmatic nature. Since the moment of their business concept, based on customers’ needs and advanced logistic solutions as well as modern technologies, we have been aware of the fact, it was a project that would revolutionize the postal and courier services market. And we achieved the result. We are very glad of the fact that more and more individuals and institutions have become our loyal Easypacks clients, and the industry experts recognize our contribution to the development of postal services sector in Poland".


    InPost Easypacks functionality, based on their unlimited time and location availability, clearly exceeds the offer and capabilities of companies operating on the Polish market. This practical aspect determines that more than 57% of people using the network of 420 machines located throughout the country choose that type of shipment. On the other hand, 68% of customers who tried the Easypack service at least once and learned about their functionality, now use it regularly.


    InPost Easypacks competitiveness is also based on uncommon and long awaited by the customers facilitation, such as lack of advice note and the parcel can be collected by a trusted person while preserving a complete safety.


    InPost Easypacks users also value the full anonymity, which is possible through an option of posting the parcel knowing only an addressee e-mail address. Therefore, Easypacks are the most efficient way to quickly and effectively post and collect goods ordered online. The service is used by thousands of e-stores and Internet users.


    E-commerce representativeshighly value Easypacks usefulness in everyday operation of online shoppers, and the service implemented by the Group creates and sets new trends in a dynamic e-commerce sector.


    The site award is the fourth prize for InPost received for Easypacks’ innovativeness. During the last 18 months the company has won the following:


    The main prizes in the World Mail Awards international contestin two categories: E-commerce and Innovation, leaving the competitors such as international companies: Post Danmark, Sweden Post, Neopost and Pos Malaysia far behind. /2011/
    The award of the President of National Chamber of Commerce in the INNOVATICA national competition. /2011/.
    The winning title in the innovative and unique solution category in the “Innovation of the Year” rank organized by Forum Biznesu under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development /2009/


    More information can be found at:,, and, and: andEasypacks’ Facebook profile.