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    InPost Easypacks once again unbeatable among the innovative services

    Press news


    Cracow, 9 June, 2011


    InPost Easypacks once again unbeatable among the innovative services


    The PCC President's Award in the INNOVATICA contest


    InPost Easypacks - a revolutionary solution for postal and courier services - hasve been awarded once again for innovation. The winning title was granted to InPost by the President of National Chamber of Commerce in the INNOVATICA national competition. The final gala was held in Warsaw during the Second Innovative Economy Congress.


    Innovativeness of InPost Easypacks - despite the advanced technological solutions - is based on simple, but not fulfilled needs of consumers using postal and courier services. The Easypacks phenomenon is based on the its usable, practical aspect, which eliminates existing obstacles associated with parcels' despatch and receipt. The functionality of that solution is based on: the availability of services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the queues and in locations convenient on the way home from work, fast and easy items service, competitive price and short delivery time. Up to 98% of parcels can be collected from the Easypack a day after posting, which considerably exceeds the standards of other courier companies.


    Rafał Brzoska, InPost CEO enthusiastically summarizes the results of INNOVATICA contest organized by Polish Chamber of Commerce - "Innovativeness in the economy is the consequence of the innovative, courageous business ideas. With such solutions as InPost Easypacks, we change not only the postal market and its prevailing habits but also we break the stereotypes associated with it. Mail can be modern and innovative, and above all 'open' to Customers, and even - as is the Easypacks case - open round the clock”.


    Hundreds of e-stores and thousands of customers can benefit from InPost Easypacks. Representatives of e-commerce business highly appreciate the Easypacks usefulness in everyday customer service of the online stores. Currently, InPost manages a network of 420 Easypacks items located in 100 Polish cities and plans to launch another 150 devices in 2011. Ultimately, in Poland there will be 800 machines. The company has also started its international expansion - soon InPost Easypacks will be placed in the streets of Estonian cities, and in Kiev.


    "The great art is to change established routines and habits of consumers, and we - as you can see - are successful. We are effective because the services that we offer meet the needs stemming directly from the market - one should search innovative ideas there. The key to success, as usual, turns out to be a good business idea, unique in the country or even on the global market, but at the same time ensuring an unprecedented functionality and usefulness to potential users of the service. And these are precisely what InPost Easypacks are, which advantage is a possibility - unprecedented in the market - of parcel despatch without queues, at any time and location and in just 17 seconds" - adds Rafał Brzoska.


    The PCC President's award is the third company honor granted to InPost for Easypacks innovation. The company has already won the winning title in the ranking made by Forum Biznesu organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development - "Innovation of the Year 2009" in the category of modern and unique solution. On the other hand in 2011, InPost was the undisputed leader - through the implementation of Easypacks - in the World Mail Awards international contest. InPost won the top prize in two categories: E-commerce and Innovation, having won at the same with such international companies as Post Danmark, Sweden Post, Neopost and Pos Malaysia.


    More information about Group is available at:, www.inpost.pland, as well as on the blog: Wasypacks profile on Facebook.