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    InPost Finance launches InPay24 in cooperation with SOFORT Banking

    Press release                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cracow, 19th August 2013


    InPost Finance launches InPay24 in cooperation with SOFORT Banking


    A new method of payment for e-commerce


    InPost Finanse in cooperation with SOFORT introduces a service that will significantly reduce the cost of operations carried out by online shoppers. InPay24 offers the lowest commission in the market in the amount of 1% of the transaction value - while the average value on the market amounts to 2%. The new payment system is also designed to provide a higher level of security, by providing online retailers with 100% guarantee for the implementation of the transfer. The user will use the service in a very simple manner - without registration, but using their own electronic banking account.


    - InPay24 is another tool developed by Group, which will increase the popularity of online shopping. Our revolutionary Paczkomaty® InPost by which it is possible to receive and send shipments independently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, conquer global markets, providing customers with unprecedented convenience when using e-shops. In turn, InPay24, is a step towards to reduce the costs associated with making payments. The lowest commission in the industry coupled with the guarantee of the implementation of the order, is the best choice of all the available options for the transactions in the Polish e-commerce market. Our strategy of integration of a number of services within the e-commerce service is a key direction for our company development, valued by the shareholders - said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.



    Using InPay24, the customers can make payment from their own banking accounts, and the seller gets an immediate confirmation in real time, immediately after the transaction. Unlike the other methods available in the market, the confirmation is associated with an automatic order execution. This is due to the fund guarantee provided by InPost Finanse to its online retailers.


    Thanks to this solution e-shop owner does not have to worry that for some reason the money from the sale of the product does not appear on his bank account. In case of any problems with the payment, InPost Finanse undertakes to provide its own resources and recovery of the amounts due from the customer. Thus, the online retailer will pay a much lower commission compared to other existing forms of online payment. The fee for the use of InPay24 is only 1% of the transaction value.


    InPay24 significantly speeds up the time of shipping. Limitations related to the sessions in the electronic banking become less important, and the seller may transfer the product to the courier or use the parcel machine service at the moment of confirmation from InPay24. Service advantages will be felt by the target customers who will pick up their order even faster than before.


    InPay24 is extremely easy to integrate - regardless of the system used – it is intended not only for standard solutions. In the case of dedicated systems, the service operator provides an advanced application programming interface (API). The payment is possible even without registration, using own electronic banking account.



    Similar solutions - conducted on an European scale by SOFORT - are increasingly recognized by the users outside the Polish borders. The company offers the payment system, which is a leading direct method of payment in Germany(1) and Austria(2) . Currently, SOFORT Banking is available in 25 thousand e-stores in ten European countries. On the map of the planned expansion of that increasingly popular form of online transactions are already another countries, such as: Slovakia and the Czech Republic - the regions where Group actively operates to implement easyPack machines.


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