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    InPost Finanse and Generali Group

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cracow, 19 February 2013


    InPost Finanse and Generali Group


    New contract in the insurance industry


    InPost Finanse – an independent financial operator, a part of the Group, has just signed a contract for selling the insurance policies at the InPost Customer Service Point, located throughout the country. the company intends to become a significant player on the property insurance market within the next 3 years, the market is estimated to reach a level of 37.8 billion PLN, with a view to an increase of 70% over the next five years (1).


    An agency agreement concluded between InPost Finance and Generali TU SA includes the sale of individual life insurance, accident insurance, and travel insurance, as well as a full range of communications products. The offer will also include a corporate insurance, such as property, liability, and transport policies. In addition, under the agreement Generali will promote an offer of InPost Finance via its multiagency network cooperating with the insurer through the offering of postal and financial services provided by Group, i.e.: bill payment, financial loans and domestic and international money transfers.


    „For many years we’ve been successfully competing for share in the postal and courier market, and dynamically expanding our influence in the financial services industry. We believe that the cooperation we have established with the Generali Group - one of the leaders in the European and Polish insurance market, and the company with an outstanding and rich history and a high degree of recognition among clients – will be the next step for us to increase the scale of operation of InPost Finance. Financial and insurance market are increasingly recognizing the possibility of reaching a client offered by the network of InPost branches and deliverers" - says Rafał Brzoska, CEO of


    „Our partnership is likely to bring tangible benefits to both parties. First of all, few days ago a new Generali strategy has been announced in Poland, therefore we’re looking for new distribution channels and partners for our services. Thus, the contract with InPost Finanse significantly expands the possibility of development in the area of product distribution based on the increasing number of InPost branch offices and deliverers. Secondly, our cooperation can also be an interesting added value for the network of multi-agents cooperating with Generali, who will gain the ability to offer modern InPost postal services, thereby increasing both the number of their customers, as well as the number of interactions with our common customers (Generali-multiagency-InPost). Therefore, joining the co-operation with InPost means an opportunity to increase the revenue of our partners, and brand awareness in the local markets as well as the skills development in the new business areas" - says Artur Olech, CEO of Generali Group Polska.


    The electronic financial products such as multi-operator e-invoice and mobile payments (since 2010) are the flagship service of InPost Finanse. Currently, about 100,000 individual customers use the mobile payments service, hence it has already reached its break-even point, and the implementation of the e-invoice service system has led to the acquisition of another 250 thousand customers.


    InPost Finanse – general information


    InPost Finanse – an independent financial and insurance operator, present on the Polish market since 2007, has been consistently strengthening its market position based on a well prepared and managed network of InPost branch offices, using the logistics and human potential of the Group.


    Within the increasing of service accessibility, InPost Finanse acquires the existing customer points being a part of small franchise networks, as well as the company uses operating cash points, namely: housing associations, waterworks, gasworks, power plants.


    InPost Finanse operating activity is based on an advanced computer system. The modern software enables to its customer bulk cash withdrawals, money transfers, and bill payments. Moreover, the system allows to conduct some lending activities directed to the mass customer as well as support banking operations.




    Generali Group in Poland is a member of Generali PPF Holding BV, operating in 14 CEE countries. Through its subsidiaries, Holding manages assets of € 15 billion and provides its services for more than 13 million customers in that area. Generali PPF Holding is registered in the Netherlands, and its main operating unit is located in Prague. Generali PPF Holding BV is a joint venture and the majority of shares is controlled by the parent company, Italian Assicurazioni Generali, Generali Group.


    For over 180 years, the Generali Group has been carrying its business in more than 40 countries around the world. It is one of the three largest insurance companies in Europe. In Poland Generali has been present - again after the Second World War - since 1999. The company's comprehensive range of services covers the following types of policies: life insurance, pension, property - both for individuals and corporations. The company provides its services to 2 million individuals and business customers in Poland.


    (1) Source: „Polish Insurance Report” - badania brytyjskiej firmy analitycznej Business Monitor International (BMI),