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    InPost Finanse delivers disability payments and pensions in Pomerania region

    Press news


     Cracow, October 20, 2011


    InPost Finanse delivers disability payments and pensions in Pomerania region


    New contract with the regional KRUS institution (Agricultural Social Insurance Fund) signed by InPost Finanse, part of Group


    InPost Finanse - an independent financial operator of nationwide range, a part of Group, has won another tender organized by KRUS. The operator has been delivered pensions in the Pomerania region since October 2011. The cooperation with KRUS Branch in Gdańsk and the regional branch in Sztum covers delivery of cash benefits for 16 000 recipients residing in 89 Pomeranian municipalities. The estimated contract value is PLN 1.8 million. Thanks to new contracts signed with the public sector entities, the company’s revenues will increase of around PLN 4 million, year on year.


    For nearly a year and a half, InPost Finanse has been delivering pensions also for pensioners of the KRUS branch in Łódź. Since July 2011 the company has extended the existing scope of cooperation and delivers nearly 30 000 cash benefits per month in the Łódź voivodeship. The contract covers mainly customer service provision in rural localities.


    Rafał Brzoska, CEO of InPost Finanse, summarizes company activity in the financial industry and its effective competing with Poczta Polska for the customers. “The won tender issued by the Pomeranian KRUS is another proof of InPost Finanse business effectiveness in this sector. Public institutions more and more “courageous” choose the offer of the alternative postal operators, which is a harbinger of the positive changes in the market. Without a doubt, the national operator is slowly losing the status of the national monopoly both in the postal and financial market, thanks to the InPost Finance activities in this area. We do not conceal that we are very happy about it and we are ready to cover another regions, as soon as KRUS issues another tenders.


    InPost Finanse also cooperates with Regional Police headquarters, and City Social Services Centre and City Family Support Centre in Łódź, Warsaw and Olsztyn. The Cracow branch of KRUS is also the company’s client.


    InPost Finanse notices steady increase in the number of customers using its services. The level of transfers carried out via inPost Finanse increased in 2010 by 30% compared to 2009. Therefore, it may be assumed that more and more people who have used other financial operators, including Poczta Polska, currently prefers to use services offered by InPost Finanse at Customer Office Points.


    InPost Finanse flagship services are: multi-operator e-invoicing and mobile payments, included in company’s portfolio in 2010. Currently, mobile payments are being used by 45000 individual customers.Through the implementation of e-invoicing services InPost Finance gained another 100 000 customers.


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