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    InPost has won another international award

    Informacja prasowa                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cracow, 2 October, 2013


    InPost has won another international award!


    InPost - the largest independent postal operator – together with NCR has won Postal Technology International Award in the category of 'Retail Innovation of the Year'. The jury recognized the InPost Postal Terminal - a joint effort of InPost and NCR Corporation as the 'Innovation of the Year'. The Award ceremony took place on October 1st, during the Post Expo 2013 in Vienna.


    Postal Technology International Awards have been granted since 2009 by the Postal Technology International magazine and the organizers of the Post Expo. The awards honour companies providing postal and courier services that significantly contribute to the development of the postal industry. InPost Postal terminal has won with such established rivals as the automated terminal KePol LS offered by the Austrian company KEBA, and RiposteTouch, an innovative application introduced by the international company, Escher Group.



    “Being a global innovator, InPost has been gradually implementing another revolutionary projects such as the Postal terminal. According to our forecasts, the devices enabling to send or receive parcels, withdraw cash, and pay bills, may replace traditional post offices. The development of automated postal points gives us further opportunities for expansion into domestic and international markets. We are delighted that our work has been recognized and the Postal terminal has won the recognition of the Postal Technology International Awards Jury. The victory in the category of 'Retail Innovation of the Year' is a huge success for us"- said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of the Group.


    The Postal terminal is fully integrated with ATM produced by NCR, a leading global manufacturer of ATMs and self-service solutions for other industries. The terminal combines functionalities of sending and receiving letters and parcels 24/7, with full range of financial services, including payment for the service, bill payments and cash withdrawals/deposits. Currently, the Postal Terminals are under operational tests.


    ‘In the age of smartphone-internet revolution all service solutions gain even more importance. In e-shops we buy books, clothes and groceries, we use Facebook to arrange meetings with friends, we pay bill using internet and mobile banking platforms – we basically expect technology to make our life easier and save our time. Following this trend NCR and InPost invented ‘Postal Terminal’ – self-service solution that gives us opportunity to collect our parcel from e-shop and withdraw/deposit cash’ – says Michal Mierzejewski, NCR Global Account Manager managing cooperation with InPost in NCR Corporation. ‘Since Postal Terminal premiere on 2012 POST EXPO in Brussels we observe growing interest in our solution from many banks in Europe as they see in it considerable business opportunity. Every InPost locker sidecar added to deployed NCR ATM means approximately 2000 additional transaction made on an ATM, which simply means additional 2000 contact with bank’s name and logo – additional marketing channel.’


    In June 2013 InPost has won the international World Mail Award for the fourth time. This time, the company had triumphed in the 'Customer Service' category, defeating such companies as Singapore Post and Liban Post. In 2013, “New Industry” monthly magazine and the portal recognized InPost as the one "that changes the Polish industry". Thanks to the voices of consumers, InPost has also received the title of "Superbrands Created in Poland in 2013" in the "Media and Service Providers" category.


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