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    InPost honoured the 'Super brands Created in Poland 2013' award!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cracow, 16th of January, 2013


    InPost honoured the „Super brands Created in Poland 2013” award!


    Poles recommend the InPost brand! Thanks to the consumers’ votes, InPost was awarded "Super brands Created in Poland 2013" in the "media and service providers" category. This prestigious prize - awarded for the first time in the history of the competition – was received only by brands developed in Poland.


    The idea of "Super brands Created in Poland" is to promote the "Polish branding ideas."Based on a consumer survey carried out by GfK Polonia on a sample of 15 thousand respondents, the awarded brands, including InPost were those usually pointed by the customers, as familiar and worth recommending. Thus, InPost has strengthened its position in the elite group of Poles’ favourite Polish brands.


    „easyPack by InPost machines are our trademark not only in Poland but throughout the world. That is how we initiate and implement our innovative business projects, promoting Poland as a modern country, open for new business initiatives. “Super brands Created In Poland 2013” awarded by InPost has confirmed the devices’ functionality recognized by individual clients, said Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of InPost.



    InPost is the largest independent postal operator, competing with Poczta Polska. Simultaneously the company - thanks to an innovative approach to business, a broad product offering and technological innovation - strengthens its position in the dynamically growing e-commerce market. The company manages the second largest easyPack machines network in the world, to send and receive shipments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using location selected by the customer.


    In October 2012 Paczkomaty® InPost received the title of best e-commerce logistics solution as part of the "Ekomersy" competition, organized by the Fundacja Polak 2.0. In addition, InPost has become a double winner in the international World Mail Awards contest. In 2011, the company was honoured in the following categories: E-commerce and Innovations, for Paczkomaty® InPost service, and in 2010 the company won in the Growth category for a dynamic development on the Polish postal services market.


    InPost – Modern Post


    InPost is a nationwide, independent postal operator, the most serious market competitor of the Poczta Polska, operating in the postal and courier market since 2006. The company - with its innovative approach to business, broad product offering and technological innovation - strengthens its position in the booming e-commerce market. The share of customized services to the company's revenue will be at least 30% in the next few years.


    Apart form the traditional postal services, InPost flagship services are:


    Paczkomaty 24/7 – the most innovative postal service in Poland that enables sending and collecting parcels 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, no queues, and at convenient locations.
    Power Post (hybrid mail) – a comprehensive service combining the functionality of e-mail and qualities of traditional printing and postal services, allowing sending of letters in print without leaving your home or office
    Outsourcing of e-documents, including e-invoices


    InPost development plans:


    • Increase the shares in the postal and courier services market to 22% by the end of 2013
    • Regular increase of delivered letters accompanied by a decrease of traditional mail volume by about 5% per year

    • managing a network of 1600 Customer Service Points by the end of 2013; delivery of correspondence for individuals in 750 locations, and in 10 000 for institutional clients.
    • Building a consistent leadership position in the e-commerce sector, including the development of easyPack by InPost service; By theend of 2013,thanks to the cooperation with PineBridge, the company plans to deploy 3400 easyPack machines, including 300 in Poland, 1800 in the UK, 300 in Spain, 500 in France, and 300 in The Netherlands and 200 in Finland.
    Further international expansion of easyPack by InPost; Launch of 16 thousand machine throughout Europe by the next 4 years
    • Commercial start of the service based on automated postal terminals
    • New strategic contracts, including the public and local government entities by InPost and InPost Finanse

    • Development and customer acquisition of mobile payments and e-invoice services


    More info can be found at, www.paczkomaty.pland