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    InPost lockers in Czech - exclusive contract with IN TIME

    Press release                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cracow, May 8th 2013


    InPost lockers in Czech – exclusive contract with IN TIME


    Following the example of Slovakia, InPost implements the easyPack 24/7 service in the Czech Republic using an “exclusive agreement” model. The strategic business partner of the company is IN TIME – the key player on the courier market in the B2B sector. The formula of cooperation used by InPost will ensure not only regular income from the rental of parcel lockers, but also - thanks to the minimum, guaranteed thresholds of machines’ usage - fully protects the network maintenance costs from the moment of the service implementation in a given market.


    Czech expansion of InPost, part of the Group, assumes the deployment of at least 150 terminals, of which about 100 will be implemented by the end of 2013. So far, the Polish operator has launched 70 terminals for sending and receiving parcels in the Czech Republic and 21 of them are located in Kaufland stores, according to the long-term cooperation agreement signed by the Group.


    All InPost’s terminals in the Czech Republic will operate in the “exclusive” model of renting the lockers to IN TIME. Czech customers of online stores will have an opportunity to collect their online shopping from InPost lockers still in the first half of 2013.


    "The Czech Republic’s e-commerce market is very promising and we strongly believe it offers many opportunities for growth. Its potential is proven by more than 7.4 million Internet users(1) and a large number of e-shops - approximately 21,000(2). Strong performance of the Czech e-commerce results from the fact that more than 60%(3) of the inhabitants already shop online. That makes us believe in success of our locker system on this market"- says Rafał Brzoska, CEO of the Group.


    Advantage of the Czech e-commerce market is also confirmed by the high level of internet penetration, which, according to Internet World Stats is 73%.


    "The main reason for shopping online in Czechs is 'convenience', and not, as it is the case in Poland - the will to save costs. This trend additionally reinforces our decision to launch the easyPack 24/7 service on that market. What's interesting - Czech e-shops generate bigger turnover than the auction platforms(4). This is an extremely different situation from what we experience in Poland. What’s more, average shopping basket is larger by 25%(5) than the average shopping cart in Poland. Therefore, we can consider the Czech e-commerce market to be even more perspective for business than the Polish e-commerce"- adds Brzoska.


    Last month InPost launched its services in the UK. By 2013, the company intends to deploy up to 2000 machines for around the clock sending and receiving shipments, including 200 machines that already operate in the UK. However, only in 2013 - as part of a 4-year investment program, implemented jointly with PineBridge Investments – the Group will deploy about 3400 new InPost terminals throughout the world, allocating about 65 million euros per year. The company is looking for opportunities in this field in France, Hungary, Turkey, Norway and Sweden. Moreover, within the next two years InPost machines may also occur in the Americas, and later also in Asia. Globally, the investments in the development of the network are estimated up to a billion euros.


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