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    InPost parcel lockers for Samsung

    Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      December, 6th 2013


    InPost parcel lockers for Samsung

  Group, the owner of the largest global network of parcel lockers has concluded a strategic agreement with Samsung. Having completed the pilot program, InPost parcel lockers are implementing some permanent logistical activities for Samsung's equipment warranty repairs. The partnership is an example of the reverse logistics commonly used by the company, that enables easy and fast service returns, as well as exchange and complaint procedures. The service is free of charge for all Samsung customers.


    Cooperation between the leader in the electronics sector with the revolutionary devices to send and receive shipments is an effect of a positive evaluation of the pilotage programme using a selected range of Samsung devices, since November 2012. The cooperation enables the users of Samsung products to transfer the equipment to be fixed via InPost parcel machines - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without a need to wait for the courier.



    ‘The partnership with Samsung confirms the strategy consistently implemented by the Group, which involves extending of solutions offered by InPost parcel lockers. We do not only constantly modernize a service range of our equipment, but also dynamically introduce them to the other international markets. Recently, we have completed the sale transaction of first terminals to Aeropost, a leading e-commerce operator acting in Central America and the Caribbean. In turn, the cooperation with the representative of the electronics sector is a step towards the implementation of the target model of cooperation in global markets, which for us, means the development of the cross-border supply’, said Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of the Group.


    As the result of the cooperation all the user has to do is to carry out a brief telephone conversation with Samsung Service Centre to receive a text message with a code giving enabling to send the damaged good using one of the InPost machines. Sending equipment via parcel machine is free of charge and requires no address data. Furthermore, the monitoring system and video recording allows to track every step of the shipment, which additionally protects the product.


    ‘The completed pilotage program has confirmed that the logistics service of warranty repairs of the Samsung equipment using InPost parcel lockers significantly increases customer satisfaction and reduces the time needed to carry out any warranty repair’, said Konrad Szewczak, Service Administration Systems Development Specialist, Samsung Polska.


    Just a few minutes after contacting the Samsung Service Centre I was able to send my equipment to repair via InPost parcel locker. It is much more convenient than waiting for a courier that might have come the following day. The reporting and sending the parcel took me less than 25 minutes while going shopping. I was able to track the status of my parcel and the claim, and the day after the repair had been completed, my phone was ready to collect in the same parcel locker‘, said the customer from Nowy Sacz.


    InPost parcel lockers, in compliance with the EU directive, unifying the functioning of e-shops and extending the time to return the purchased goods, have introduced services related to reverse logistics to its offer. Recently InPost parcel lockers have launched the service known as - a tool to optimize the complaint process and the option to extend the deadline for parcel reception by 24 and even 48 hours in some cases. The portal enables customers of e-stores cooperating with InPost machines to return the goods for free. The service is being used by several dozen of stores, namely:,, and


    By the end of 2013 there will about 2,750 Parcel lockers operating in different business models. The terminals are already available in 18 countries around the world- in just two years they have conquered not only Poland but also Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, and Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic as well as Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.


    Currently the company is working hard in order to obtain another 6,000 locations for the machines. New terminals will be deployed in 15 more countries: France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and Bulgaria, Russia and Spain. Over the next 4-5 years InPost parcel lockers will also appear in the Americas and in Asia. Some works are also being carried to prepare the locations for the planned investment. The Group intends to launch 10,000 machines in the US by the end of 2016, and in Asia the first machines will appear in China, in Beijing and Shanghai. Eventually, the entire project could reach up to 1 billion euros.


    For more information please visit:,,,, and the Facebook profile.