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    InPost parcel lockers honoured with the Delivery Excellence Award 2014!

    Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                           February 10th, 2014


    InPost parcel lockers honoured with the Delivery Excellence Award 2014!


    The award of e-consumers in UK


    InPost parcel lockers - revolutionary terminals providing customers with a self service option to pick up their packages 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week - were awarded with „The Delivery Excellence Award 2014” in the „Best Carrier Contribution to Delivery Innovation” category. Innovative machines of Group have beaten in online voting key post and parcel UK market players, including: DPD, Nightline, Arrow XL, ByBox and UK Mail.


    InPost parcel lockers were honoured for their contribution in promoting branch innovations. Internet users appreciated the solution enabling retailers best in class options of delivery for their customers.



    The biggest post and parcel companies, who are operating in the British market, were nominated in the „Best Carrier Contribution to Delivery Innovation” category. InPost parcel lockers left behind the rivals: DPD, Nightline, Arrow XL, ByBox and UK Mail. The nominations were chosen from a combination of suggestions of the MetaPack Strategic Advisory Group, Retail Operations Group 2014 speakers at „The Delivery Conference 2014” as well as website users.


    „The victory in UK, the most advanced and competitive market in Europe, is exceptionally vital for us. Selecting InPost parcel lockers as the most innovative and convenient methodof delivery among other available options here confirms, that e-consumers prefer our solution indeed. We have already installed 800 machines in UK, and our aim is 2000 locker terminals by the end of 2014” – commented Rafal Brzoska, CEO of InPost.


    „The Delivery Excellence Award 2014” is the following prestigious title of Group – the owner and operator of InPost parcel lockers. The highest quality and innovativeness of InPost parcel lockers was confirmed by InPost's success at World Mail Awards 2013. This time the company was the winner in the Customer Service category, beating other leading operators, such as: Singapore Post and LibanPost. Moreover InPost and NCR won the Postal Technology International Awards in the Retail Innovation of the Year category. The Jury awarded the 5th generation modular version of the lockers the title of the Innovation of the Year. The terminal combines functionalities of sending and receiving letters and parcels 24/7, with full range of financial services, including payment for the service, bill payments and cash withdrawals/deposits.


    InPost parcel lockers are presently available in 19 countries in the world. In only 2 years, they conquered the following countries apart from Poland: Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Island, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala.


    At the end of 2013 won the tender for the supply of the terminals for Íslandspóstur – the national postal operator from Iceland. The first order is for the supply of 18 parcel lockers, 8 by the end of 2013 and the remaining 10 by the end of 2014.


    Moreover, Group has sold 10 of its innovative terminals to Aeropost - the leading e-commerce operator from Central America and the Caribbean Region. Also in the coming months, the first parcel lockers will be installed in Costa Rica, Salvador and Guatemala. The strategy of the American courier is to launch more than 100 of these innovative terminals in total. They will be available in 30 countries and islands, revolutionizing the international trade of goods from the United States in that region of the world.


    Nearly 3,000 innovative terminals operate worldwide according to different business models. In the coming 3 - 4 years, InPost parcel lockers will also appear in the Americas and in Asia. The total value of the investment may reach close to 1 billion euros. In the USA, Group plans to launch 10,000 parcel lockers by the end of 2016, while the first Asian terminals will appear in China - in Beijing and Shanghai. Works on obtaining approx. 6000 new localizations for the terminals are in progress.


    More information available on: www.integer.pland