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    InPost parcel lockers strategic agreement with TNT Express in Italy!

    Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    March 31th, 2014


    InPost parcel lockers – strategic agreement with TNT Express in Italy!

  Group – the owner of the biggest network of terminals enabling to send and receive parcels and TNT Express Italy – one of the best global courier company has concluded a strategic agreement. As a result of a deal, TNT will be crucial logistic partner of InPost parcel lockers network in Italy. The Group intends to launch in Italy 400 terminals by June 2014 and 1000 by the end of 2015.


    According to agreement TNT will be responsible for logistical service for InPost parcel lockers in Italy. The customers who are using services of TNT, will be allowed to choose – among available form of product delivery – InPost parcel lockers. The network of revolutionary machine will be fully integrated with 1200 TNT Points and 100 depots.



    The Partnership with TNT Express is a continuation of expansion of InPost parcel lockers on the Apennine Peninsula. In February a deal with Banzai – the largest Italian e-commerce platform has been closed. E-Price and SaldiPrivati, the flag e-stores of the group Banzai, will be the first in Italy to offer this new delivery service in 400 lockers. Further partnerships will be announced at a later date.


    „This is a crucial point in TNT’s new domestic strategy for e-commerce in Italy – says Tony Jakobsen, Managing Director of TNT Express Italy – and not a simple pilot experiment. This will immediately provide a true alternative for the distribution of e-commerce platforms and to their customers, a network which will allow time definite and guaranteed deliveries. This option is absolutely innovative, a win/win solution, in the first place for e-commerce companies and customers that can avoid waiting queues and negative experiences, but also for TNT allowing us to increase the fluidity of our operations processes. This is also an incredibly valuable solution for B2B: ad hoc services are being designed for the many companies that need logistic support for the management of spare parts for the use of maintenance personnel and skilled technicians. In my opinion this solution is a “the best in class application” for e-commerce, jointly with our network of TNT Points.”- says Tony Jakobsen, Managing Director of TNT Express Italy.


    InPost’s database shows that customers use the lockers (58%) mainly when depots are already closed or during weekends, taking full competitive advantage offered by these machines.


    „Last but not least Tony Jakobsen finishesthis is a “Smart city solution”: indeed, with 400 lockers installed, the benefit for the community in terms of a decreased city congestion and also of CO2 emissions generated by TNT’s distribution fleet can reach 16%."


    TNT Express Italy appointed Luca Dozio as Business Development Senior Manager who will follow the development and the implementation of this business. In the same time, InPost Italia will query new localization partnerships, in order to expand its network to still wider extent.


    „e-commerce in Italy is showing a constant growth, similar to that of countries such as Britain, France and Germany: For this reason we decided to approach the Italian market and this is why we won’t stop at 400 lockers. Our intention is to quickly reach even bigger numbers, so this is why a strong strategic alliance with a provider such as TNT is crucial for us. TNT can assure the highest standards in terms of know-how and service quality”commented Rafal Brzoska, CEO of the Group, owner of the InPost parcel lockers network.