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    InPost parcel lockers win 1st place for ePRICE at Netcomm Awards 2015 in Italy

    •    InPost parcel lockers recognised as the leading innovation in Italian e-commerce at the 4th edition of Netcomm Awards 2015
    •    The success and further expansion of the innovative solution is made possible by cooperation between InPost and the Banzai Group
    •    Over 800 InPost parcel lockers are expected to be available in Italy by the end of 2015

    April 22 2015: ePRICE (part of the Banzai group, BANZ), together with InPost, took 1st place for innovation at the 4th edition of the Netcomm E-commerce Awards. The awards, recognising excellence in Italian e-commerce, were presented during one of Italy’s largest sector fairs. In Italy, InPost parcel lockers are currently available at supermarkets (Carrefour) and petrol stations (Repsol and TotalErg) and the network is expected to comprise over 800 terminals in Italy by the end of 2015.

    InPost parcel lockers are convenient and straightforward to use, secured with 3 cameras monitor each and parcels can only be accessed with a unique collection code. They are the automated delivery solution for the fast growing e-commerce sector allowing busy consumers to collect their orders at their convenience- no waiting at home, office deliveries or restricted opening hours.

    Alessandro Cernigliaro, Chief Operating Officer of Banzai, said, “We recognised that the Italian market was ready for a fast, effective and secure form of order collection. However, the rate of uptake was startling- when the InPost parcel lockers network grew 250%, the number of packages processed grew 1200%.”

    "While our world is increasingly digital, it is still essentially physical. In a dynamically growing sector such as the e-commerce, we must adapt to changes. That is why we are coming with the automation of last mile deliveries. InPost parcel lockers are an innovative, customer-oriented solution- once you’ve used one and experienced the difference there is no turning back.”, said Stefano Moni, CEO of InPost Italy.

    InPost’s parcel lockers operate on 5 continents, including the following countries: Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Colombia, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia. More than 5,000 InPost automated parcel machines will be globally available in various business models by the end of 2015. The company plans to deploy another 4,000 terminals in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East.

    InPost’s international success has been acknowledged by numerous awards including: 'Supplier of the Year' at Post Expo 2014; the prestigious World Mail Award (2010-2013); the ‘Best Carrier Contribution to Delivery Innovation Award’ at the ‘The Delivery Excellence Awards 2014’ in the UK; and the ‘Postal Technology International Award’ in the category of 'Retail Innovation of the Year'.

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