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    InPost Parcel Machines available for thousands of new clients!

     Cracow, 15th April 2011


    InPost Parcel Machines available for thousands of new clients!


    InPost Paczkomaty has entered into cooperation with new online stores, including the leader on the Polish white and black goods chain store, AVANS. The option of sending the purchased goods to a parcel machine is already offered by Euro-Net,, and E-stores dealing in sports and tourist equipment, such as and, have also decided to offer all the conveniences of Parcel Machines to their clients.


    Parcel Machines 24/7 guarantee prompt and safe online shopping. Parcel Machines are a perfect solution for Internet stores because:

    • they function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    almost every parcel (98.62%) sent to an InPost Parcel Machine is ready for collection a day after it was sent;
    more than a half of the customers (59%) collect their orders within first six hours from the moment they received the text message informing about the delivery of a parcel to a Parcel Machine;
    for 63% of the clients of Paczkomaty® InPost, the operator of Parcel Machines, the service was reliable enough to chose this delivery option again;


    Parcel Machines is the perfect solution for the customers as well since they guarantee:

    the convenient collection of their e-shopping 24/7, without queuing and "along the way";
    • the collection process taking 17 seconds;
    an e-mail or text notification about a parcel waiting for collection
    a chance to win valuable prizes and discount vouchers in contests and lotteries organised by InPost, the operator of the Parcel Machines 24/7 service


    "The efficiency of Parcel Machines 24/7, which is constantly being confirmed by statistics, is the source of great joy for us. However, this is only the beginning of the expansion of Parcel Machines. We are planning to install new machines in new places so that they are readily available after a few-minute ride from each and every one of them. On their way home. or to the workplace or hairdresser It is our aim that the Parcel Machines should become a byword for modern postal services which are well-adjusted to the needs of the e-commerce sector. Precisely because of this, they are an ideal solution for online stores, which always strive to be flexible and adjust their offer to rapidly changing market requirements and high consumer demands. We cooperate with the users of the platform encompassing around 1,300 stores active in various sectors, and well-known and highly-valued brands such as Komputronik, NEO24, VOBIS,, or Who also uses InPost Parcel Machines are the users of, the largest Polish auction service, and representatives of Avon, cosmetics retailer", says Rafal Brzoska, the President of


    The Group has installed 420 Parcel Machines in more that 100 localities in the whole of Poland already. By the end of 2011, 150 new machines are going to be installed. Ultimately, 800 InPost Parcel Machines are to be available in the whole of Poland. also intends to enter the world markets.


    Detailed information of the service, localizations and the list of the stores offering the option of delivery to a Parcel Machine 24/7 is available on The functionality of Parcel Machines can be checked in a instructional film. On you can find the information on lotteries and special offers. We also run a company blog: