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    InPost prepares another simplifications for easyPack users!

    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cracow, 24th January, 2013


    InPost prepares another simplifications for easyPack users!


    Modular machine of the 5th generation integrated with NCR cash machine

  Group adds functionality to easyPack by InPost service! The latest V series modular machines, fully integrated with NCR's cash machines, a world leader in the production of ATMs and self-service devices - combine existing functionality in the 24/7 sending and receiving parcels with financial services. As a result, users gain the ability to use the easyPack machine directly via the ATM interface. This will not only ease and speed up the parcel reception, but also provide the service payment and cash withdrawal at the same cash machine.



    In addition, since January 2013, NCR is responsible for servicing more than 250 out of 650 easyPack by InPost machines operating on the Polish market, with the option to expand co-operation in the second half of the year in the following countries; the Czech Republic, Hungary, Great Britain and Russia. Simultaneously Group is in the process of concluding agreements with the largest ATM networks in the UK, and the devices will be available on the Polish and international markets in the first quarter of 2013.


    The integration of easyPack machine and the ATM is implemented jointly by the Group and NCR. That will allow providing courier and financial services from the same monitor - shared by both terminals. In addition, the modular design of the machines of the Group enables - apart from installing already integrated devices – adding any number of safe locker boxes used for sending and receiving parcels to the operating ATM machines. New technological functionality of easyPack machines gives the Group a perspective of an access to thousands of additional locations only within Europe within the existing NCR ATM networks, currently serving millions of customers.


    The Group manages the world’s second largest network (approximately 1.4 thousand) of easyPack machines. the parcel service is offered or soon will be available in 13 countries, such as Poland, Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. By the end of 2013, the Group plans to deploy 5 000 machines, and by 2016, their number will increase to 16 000 items. The international expansion project estimated at 300 million euros is being carried out together by Group and PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund.


    Working with NCR, the world’s leader in production of ATMs is a huge business achievement for us. Our joint and technologically advanced project confirms the fact, that Group can offer a product (easyPack machines) comparable with commonly used cash machines, in terms of its functionality, availability and security. Currently, people withdraw their money using ATM as often as at the bank offices. The same is with easyPack machines; one can send and receive parcel not only at the post offices, but also using our product. We believe in the easyPack success, especially by integrating our machines with NCR cash machines”, said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of Group.


    Cooperation of Group with the market leader in the production of ATMs and self-service devices includes the network maintenance services which will be provided by qualified NCR personnel. The engineers will use spare parts supplied by InPost directly to the serviced unit. Therefore, the repair of damaged easyPack machine will be carried out on the basis of the Group's logistics infrastructure.


    The pilot cooperation of NCR and Group - combined with the training of engineers - continues in selected locations as of December 2012. The beginning of a joint project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013. In addition, the services will be expanded in the second half of 2013 in the Czech Republic and Hungary, and later - with the planned entry to other countries - will also include, among others: the United Kingdom and Russia.


    Simultaneously, InPost implements automated postal terminals onto the European markets. Those machines combine the functionalities of parcel, letter, and cash machines. In the future they may replace traditional post offices. The project is also implemented together with NCR. The first terminal will appear on foreign markets in 2013.


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