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    InPost provides flexible delivery option for P4D

    Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   22nd July 2014


    InPost provides flexible delivery option for P4D

    • Agreement with P4D provides a flexible delivery option for consumers and businesses
    • Customers now able to send items through InPost lockers
    • Partnership enables P4D customers to benefit from a flexible, 24/7 delivery option


    InPost, the largest global operator of a parcel locker network operating 24/7, has signed an agreement with online delivery experts P4D to provide a flexible delivery option for consumers and businesses.


    New research from consumer watchdog Consumer Futures highlights that 39% of customers who queued at the Post Office reported waiting for five minutes or more in branches. For consumers that are no longer prepared to wait in queues to send parcels, the InPost delivery option now offered by P4D puts the customer firmly back in control of the parcel delivery process.


    Customers using P4D’s parcel delivery services will now be able to send items through InPost lockers rather than having to visit the Post Office or collection points within stores during office hours. The new partnership enables any P4D customer to benefit from a flexible, 24/7 delivery option.


    To send a parcel, the customer simply enters the parcel dimensions on the website and then chooses InPost as a delivery provider. Once selected, a label is provided that has a barcode, which is attached to the item. The parcel is then taken to the InPost locker and the barcode is scanned at the locker and a locker door will open. The package is placed inside the locker and will be delivered to the recipient within 48 hours.


    Michelle De Pasquale, commercial director at InPost, comments: “Sited in convenient locations such as stations, petrol forecourts, outside local shops and retail parks throughout the UK, consumers are now able to deliver parcels at any hour of the day or night. The P4D brand is very well-respected within the delivery market and we’re looking forward to working closely with the company in the coming months to help provide a flexible delivery service to customers.”


    Chris Black, managing director at P4D, said: “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with InPost, as consumers and small businesses can now benefit from the convenience of sending parcels from their local locker. There is real momentum behind what InPost is doing in the UK with regards to the locker locations that are continually being installed. We see InPost as a logical partner to capitalise on the flexibility that customers now require with regards to parcel delivery. As the locker network increases further, we expect to see a considerable uptake of the delivery option that InPost provides.”


    With more than 3,500 locker locations globally, InPost is the world’s largest parcel locker network operating 24/7. Leading the way in modern delivery methods, InPost is set to expand further across Europe, Asia, Africa and America markets this year and is gaining a significant following in Britain, with both e-retailers and consumers.