InPost sells advertisements on thousands of parcel lockers

InPost introduced a new advertising offer on the market. On several thousands of parcel lockers, which are placed in the centres and the most attractive places in Polish cities, one will be able to buy a personalized advertisement.

Paczkomaty is not only the 24-hour point of sending and collecting of packages, but also a place for advertising and an alternative to traditional billboards and citylights. Last year we delivered tens of millions of shipments via parcel lockers. So advertising on parcel lockers gives the range comparable with the population of Poland.

When collecting or sending a package, the client automatically becomes the recipient of the advertising message, which - what is important – is at his eye level. The competitive advantage of this form of promotion is the ability to accurately measure how many people saw a given advertising campaign. The InPost advertising office has been created in order to sale advertisements. We are the only company that implements outdoor campaigns on the Polish market, which can provide its customers with very accurate data, as we have accurate information on how many people use parcel lockers. Only in 2017, the package from Paczkomat was collected 38.6 million times.

As part of the new InPost offer, the customers have several advertising modules at their disposal: veneer advertisement on the front of Paczkomat, advertisement in the citylight format (advertisement 120x180cm), advertisement on the largest machines and advertisement on the screens of parcel lockers. Here, the client can choose between a graphic advertisement, a video or a multimedia message. Apart from outdoor campaigns we also offer the sampling of sample products, advertising brochures, discount coupons or catalogues and mailing to a database of 1,310 million customers – the inhabitants of large and medium-sized cities, smart and online shopping enthusiasts.

At present the network of parcel lockers include almost 3,500 machines located in large cities and small towns all over Poland. Parcel lockers are located at petrol stations, bus stations, at the largest supermarkets and in housing estates, i.e. in the most common and busiest places. Customers use our machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Parcel lockers have their own lighting, thanks to which advertisements are very well visible also at night.

The newly created InPost advertising office deals with advertising campaigns and the full advertising offer on parcel lockers is available on the website