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    InPost to introduce 400 parcel lockers in Italy

    Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                                                              February 18th, 2014


    InPost to introduce 400 parcel lockers in Italy


    Agreement with Banzai – the major Italian e-commerce player

  Group – world’s leader in the innovative e-commerce delivery services - will deploy as many as 400 innovative terminals enabling to send and receive parcels by June 2014. The devices will be launched in the northern and central regions of the country, and some major cities, such as Rome, Milan, and Turin. Eventually, the parcel lockers will be available in most Italian provinces. The value of InPost’s investment in Italy will exceed EUR 30 million.



    InPost will operate in Italy in partnership with Banzai, the largest Italian e-commerce platform. E-Price and SaldiPrivati, the flag e-stores of the group Banzai, will be the first in Italy to offer this new delivery service in 400 automatic collection points. Further partnerships will be announced at a later date.


    InPost parcel locker revolutionize the world’s postal and courier market offering sending and receiving parcels 24/7. These innovative terminals are already available in 19 countries around the world - in just two years they have conquered Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, and Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic as well as Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. Currently, there are about 3,500 Parcel lockers operating in different business models throughout the world.


    Parcel lockers are gaining the popularity among e-shoppers. The latest version of the InPost parcel machines will give the customers the possibility of much faster receiving shipments using the QR code. The advanced integration of the device with mobile applications and CodeWise technology, will reduce the time of the operation even up to 7 seconds.


    The first terminals will appear on the Apennine Peninsula in the coming weeks. The entire network of 400 lockers should be ready in the first half of the year. The Italian e-sector is at the very high level of development, nevertheless its results are better year by year, similar to the European leaders, i.e. Great Britain, Germany, and France. It is estimated that once again in this region of the world, the e-commerce sector significantly increased its value - according to eMarketer study, in 2013, online sales in Italy amounted to 11.3 billion euros up and grew by almost 18% compared to the previous year.1


    “Undoubtedly Italy is one of our priority directions, our strategy of network development was confirmed by the excellent results recorded on the local e-commerce market. Additionally, an increasing number of residents of that part of Europe wishes to purchase products via Internet - in 2014 nearly 14.4 million Italians made use of such possibility! E-shoppers expect unusual convenience in the package delivery, which is exactly provided by InPost lockers. That's why we decided to install up to 400 devices as a first stage of the project. Having checked the popularity of our solution in other e-commerce markets, such as the United Kingdom, we can say that this is not the end of our offensive. We know that in Italy, the demand for the parcel lockers will be constantly growing”, said Rafał Brzoska, CEO of the Group.


    “InPost Lockers represent an essential development and extension of our Pick&Pay service” declares Eduardo Giorgetti – CEO Banzai Commerce. “Our clients again as the first ones in Italy get a solution which they will value also for its cost, 24/7 availability and the widest network”.


    “Development in Italy appears as a natural way of InPost parcel lockers worldwide expansion. Implementing of those simple but that innovative services in our country will enable full freedom of e-commerce deliveries and at the same time will break the last barriers in the timing of parcels carriage. Since now Italians don’t have to wait for their e-shopping supply, as the parcel is waiting for them! We are in the negotiations with the following partners in the Italian market and we believe to become a delivery leader for the demanding Italian market shortly, as we have had in other markets”, concluded Stefano Moni, general manager of InPost Italia.


    Banzai is an Italian group active in the Internet market and focused on the areas of media and e-commerce. Founded in 2008 by Paul Ainio, one of the pioneers of the Internet in Italy, has over 410 employees and a total turnover of over € 160 million of consolidated revenues in 2013. Banzai is a distribution channel still more appreciated by over 700 companies that currently sell products through E-price, SaldiPrivati, MisterPrice, Bow and more than 500 advertisers (Giallozafferano, Students, Piantedonna, PianetaMamma, Liquid, The Post, Soldionline, gypsy , Filmtv , Altervista) to effectively communicate with millions of Internet users.


    The international Strategy of the Group covering also the Italian market is being carried out in cooperation with PineBridge Investments, the global private equity fund. The total value of that European investment program is valued at nearly 300 million euros. It assumes launching of over 16 000 lockers across Europe.


    Currently the company is working hard in order to obtain another 6,000 locations for the machines. Over the next 3-4 years InPost parcel lockers will appear in the Americas and in Asia. The Group intends to launch 10,000 machines in the US by the end of 2016, and in Asia the first machines will appear in China, in Beijing and Shanghai. Eventually, the entire project could reach up to 1 billion euros.


    InPost parcel lockers have been awarded in global industry competitions many times. Top quality and innovativeness of terminals of the Group have been appreciated in this edition of the World Mail Awards 2013. The company won in the “Customer Service” category, beating other leading operators such as: Singapore Post and LibanPost. Innovative terminals have also become recognizable among online consumers. It has been the second time when e-customers gave the winning position to parcel lockers in the “Ekomersy” competition, in the category “Best product/ service supporting logistics of the e-store”.


    The new product of Group and NCR Corp., the Modular parcel locker of 5th generation has been considered an “Innovation of the Year” in a prestigious Postal Technology International Awards contest.


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