InPost uses artificial intelligence to serve the Customer

Soon, with the use of this tool, one will not only be able to check the status of the shipment, but also send the parcel in the nearest parcel locker, and all this by using only a smartphone with installed Messenger.

"The use of artificial intelligence is a breakthrough change. We make the use of logistic service as easy as using a smartphone in accordance with the philosophy: to be as close as possible to the customer. We try to meet the customer's expectations, even in the pre-holiday season. We were the first to introduce several solutions which were later copied by the competition. The users of Paczkomaty ® and courier services cannot imagine that we could operate without Customer Service Office on Facebook. We try to conduct the most open communication possible with our customers. Introduction to artificial intelligence service will allow for real-time responses to inquiries addressed to us" – said Rafał Brzoska, founder and CEO of the Group, the owner of InPost.

He added that although such an open approach to communication with clients sometimes leads to misunderstandings –, for example, the accusations that InPost deletes comments that are actually transferred to private conversations – the Group does not intend to change their approach in this respect. "You won't find such a solution in our direct competitors' practices. I am convinced that within a year or two they will have to copy our approach. The customer of logistic services is open to the world, familiar with modern technologies and demands quick access to information and such a solution offers online, 24/7 Customer Service Office on Facebook" – points Brzoska.

Chatbot "Paczucha" specializes in verification of parcel status, machine locations and POP points. In the case of finding of parcel lockers /POPs we can specify name (e.g. KRA010), address (e.g. Warsaw, Racławicka) or send our current location where we are - in the last two cases Paczucha will display the nearest machines/InPost points. To search the parcel one must enter the 24-digit code of the shipment or phone number (for which the shipment is created) and the last 4 digits of its code. There is a possibility to save the shipment so that there is no need to enter the above data again the next time you search for it.

Rafał Brzoska points out that InPost introduces new solutions despite the fact that pre-Christmas season is an intense time for every courier company. "Last year, when preparing for the peak of the Christmas season, we expanded the number of parcel boxes to 250,000 from 130,000. We employed 3,000 additional employees and 1,000 additional courier cars. In addition, we implemented the option of mobile receipt of shipments, so as not to extend the waiting time. We are aware that customers choose Paczkomat, because it is an attractive and affordable form of delivery. However, the pre-Christmas increase in the number of shipments (of 200 %), despite the continuous investments in the infrastructure, is a huge challenge and delays may occur. Hence the decision to launch Chatbot, which will improve service and significantly shorten the waiting time for information" – Brzoska adds.