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  takes part in the 2nd European Economic Congress

 , the leading Polish postal group and an independent financial operator, was chosen one of the winners of the Effective Entrepreneur/Company contest organised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (Polish: PARP). Thereby, the company was recognized as one of the most effective in the absorption of the EU funds from the Regional Operational Programme 2004-2006 and 2007-2013. The prize giving ceremony was held on 1st June 2010 during the 2nd European Economic Congress in Katowice.


    Rafal Brzoska, the President of Group, took active part in the Congress by delivering a talk entitled “The capital market as a catalyst of the development of SMEs” and raising some points during numerous debates.


    The popularisation of modern and innovative solutions in business, implemented thanks to the EU funds that were distributed among the Polish companies with the help of PARP, constitutes the main aim of the contest organised by PARP itself. The initiative is also organised with a view to recognising the companies which were the most successful in absorbing the EU funds in the most effective way. At least three activities implemented by PARP within the Sector Operational Programme – Increased Competitiveness of Polish Enterprises, Human Capital Investement Sector Operational Progamme, Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Human Capital Operational Programme, or the Development of Eastern Poland Operatonal Programme were taken into account.


    Rafal Brzoska, the President of Group said “Innovation is the key to success of Group. We are constantly finding evidence for that: when analyzing the condition of the postal-courier sector during international industry debates, when successfully implementing the next technological novelty to the Polish market, or when being given an award like that. I’m glad that the projects of Group win recognition both home and abroad, and their realization favours improving standards in the Polish postal sector, which still needs a lot of changes. We don’t let our customers wait: mobile payment, multi-operational e-invoicing, services based on the GSM technologies or hybrid mail are the key products we are going to introduce to the market between 2010 and 2012. We believe that the resoluteness of the companies like ours will increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy.”


    What is the main advantage of, the leading Polish postal group and an independent financial operator, is a wide range of services based on hi-tech IT systems. The use and implementation of modern solutions by the Group, especially taking into account the stagnation in the postal sector caused by many years of negligence of the national provider, is a chance for Poland to emerge on the international market. It is also a chance to launch a social debate on the full postal market opening.


    The Group has been successful in improving the image of the Polish postal sector among foreign operators by presenting its achievements on international conferences and seminars on the condition of the sector. There are plans to fund an international association of independent postal companies, whose aim would be to take care of their common interests. Its task would mainly be to support the activities of the independent operators and to promote the rules of the free market in the countries of the European Union, in cooperation with the European Commission and national regulatory agencies.


    Implementation of PARP co-financed projects and their influence on the development of


    POIG.04.02.00-12-002/09-01: New technologically advanced solution for production of automated parcel machines.


    Project value: 6,484,350.00 PLN
    Subsidy value: 3,107,850.00 PLN
    Project description: Project aims at designing one utility model and two industrial designs for automated parcel machine and implementing it in the production process. As a result, the group will begin new business activity of producing automated parcel machines.


    POIG.04.04.00-12-028/09-01: First centre for outsourcing e-invoices, which is an innovative mass e-invoices service.


    Project value: 10,516,210.00 PLN
    Subsidy value: 5,088,300.00 PLN
    Project description: The goal of a project is to diversify’s range of services by introducing new mass e- invoicing service, which is a novelty to a target market, provided by the first centre for outsourcing e-invoices. In order to deliver a safe product (e-invoice) to a customer, technology sports innovative combination of the outsourcing concept, the use of e-mail functionality, with new methods of storing and processing data, alongside with necessary, from the point of view of tax law and data safety IT security systems.


    POIG.08.02.00-12-034/08-00: Implementation of innovative IT system of data transfer, allowing for the development of co-operation, among others including the e-services.


    Project value: 2,609,254.94 PLN
    Subsidy value: 1,518,343.39 PLN
    Project description: Project is based on introducing innovative B2B system, with API interface in company’s and partners’ IT systems, in order to automate data transfer between the above-mentioned systems; and by doing so, allowing for automatic realization of numerous business procedures that concern group’s cooperation with the partners, among other providing Paczkomaty 24/7 service.


    POKL.02.01.01-00-557/08-00: Systemic training programme for enterprises connected with


    Project value: 4,985,476.25 PLN
    Subsidy value: 3,988,381.00 PLN
    Project description: The main purpose of the project is to enhance and connected companies’ functioning by the improvement of knowledge and upgrading competences on each organizational level.


    SPOWKP/2.1/12/12/2465: Transformation and entering the stock exchange by


    Project value: 312,320.00 PLN
    Subsidy value: 63,000.00 PLN
    Project description: Project was designed to transform limited liability company into joint-stock company and to enter the stock exchange. To achieve these goals the project was facilitated by both legal and financial consultants, brokerage house and auditors.


    SPOWKP/2.1/9/12/2055: Plan and strategy of merging companies.


    Project value: 90,280.00 PLN
    Subsidy value: 37,000 PLN
    Project description: The project was designed to merge companies and Fibra Hallo Ltd. which allowed the beginning of direct mail service. Project was facilitated by legal and financial consulting, as well as by chartered accountant.


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