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    26th July, 2010

  enlarges the team dealing with mobile e-commerce


    The mobile e-commerce team in Group has been strengthened with three new members. Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa, Arvind Juneja and Grzegorz Rusiecki, all experienced practitioners, joined it. The new team, led by Viren Bhandari, will be responsible for the implementation of the first Internet service based on the telecom infrastructure maintained by the Group and the innovative mobile payment solutions based on GSM technologies developed by the company itself and the network of Paczkomaty 24/7 parcel machines in Poland.


    In order to realise the new project Group incorporated into its structures a special purpose vehicle, which will be active in the e-commerce sector. The value of the contract runs at 2 million PLN. The project will be put into practice in 2010.


    “I’m really glad that our team will be bolstered by the individuals with rich experience and many documented successes in the field of interactive solutions and managing communities. Thanks to their long-standing practice concerning online strategies, their contribution to our team will undoubtedly increase its capabilities. I believe that our cooperation will speed the moment of implementation and the development of the newest of Group’s projects”, said Viren Bhandari, the partner of Group.


    The investment planned by Group will allow the company to strengthen its position in the e-commerce sector. In accordance to the adopted strategy, at least 30% of the company’s revenue will come from non-standard services, including electronic ones.


    Viren Bhadari

    Viren Bhadari comes from India, has been in Poland since 2001 and worked in e-commerce sector since 2003. He is running Avanti company and 9 online shops, the most popular of which is He owes his success to non-standard approach to e-marketing and the communication with the client with the use of micoblog channels and consumer tests. He was the first in Poland to start popularise social commerce using flaktests on microblog, where he succeeded in promoting a product which is difficult to promote: socks. A series of conferences entitled Shopcamp for the owners of online shops, e-commerce suppliers and people interested in the Internet commerce is another of his brainchildren.


    Viren Bhadari is a graduate of IT at the National Institute of Information Technology in New Delhi. Before coming to Poland he worked, among others, in vCustomer for MSN. Painting, travelling and cooking belong to his hobbies. He does not part with his iPhone and that is what makes him constantly available for his customers.


    Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa


    She has been cooperating with AdTaily for the last year. She build the community of users from scratch and created standards of community management and customer service there. She combines soft skills with the proficiency in technical matters. In her spare time, she is developing her original project: the Internet website associating the connoisseurs of branded lingerie, She is a philosopher by education and has logics inclinations; she loves Italian food and skiing.


    Arvind Juneja


    He started his adventure with the Internet communities at the age of 16. Since then, he has been engaged in many project of different scope. For example, he used to work for, where he was the community manager for almost 4 years. He is participating in many trade meetings, during which he shares his knowledge: he took part in the first international conference on community management and in Aula, the meeting devoted to discussing electronic enterprise and the views on its development in Poland and Europe. He is the coauthor of a book: “Social networking sites. Building, administration and moderation”. People, sounds, movement and “moments” frozen in the form of pictures and films are his passion.


    Grzegorz Rusiecki


    He gained experienced managing projects on (social networking sites and desktop application), (Onetljat – among others and He participated in the realisation of projects for such major players as Fashion Magazine, Nestlé, Lexus Poland, National Geographic Poland, MTV Networks Poland or RMF MAXXX. For the time being he is managing his original e-commerce projects and, as an independent expert, he is a consultant and designer in the fields of information architecture, usability and user experience.


    More information about Group can be found,, www.paczkomaty.pland,