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    Press release                                                                                                                                                                                                                       November 13th, 2013

  group continues its international expansion! InPost parcel lockers soon in the offer of Iceland Post


    InPost parcel lockers will revolutionize another European postal market! Group has won the tender for delivery of the revolutionary terminals organized by Íslandspóstur. The first order of the Icelandic national operator includes providing of 18 machines, eight in the first stage of the project, and another 10 machines during the second stage. The machines will be deployed under the Icelandic Post brand. Group has finally defeated the Austrian company, KEBA.


    Iceland is the 15th country, apart from the UK, Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Australia, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic, where the revolutionary parcel lockers will be deployed. The conditions of contract include implementing of 18 innovative terminals, which allowing its users to independently collect and send shipments, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    Once again revolutionary machines of Group has rated higher than its competitor, KEBA. In September 2013, Kouzelna Almara from the Czech Republic decided to replace the existing KEBA terminals into InPost parcel lockers. The agreement with IN TIME, InPost strategic partner, includes replacement of 15 machines in Prague, and deployment of 150 parcel lockers in the Czech Republic, in total.


    The latest version of the parcel lockers offers customers of the Icelandic Post an opportunity to receive shipments much faster via QR code. Thanks to the advanced integration of the device with mobile applications and CodeWise technology, operating time will be reduced by more than half - from 15 to 7 seconds. The decision to implement these technologies in parcel lockers shall be taken by Icelandic Post after the integration is completed.


    -The international expansion is gaining momentum. So far, the following postal operators: Australia Post, Saudi Post, Correos Chile, Cyprus Post and Eesti Post, and Íslandspóstur have decided to buy our terminals. We are very glad that another foreign postal operator decided to implement our products! A convenient way of sending and receiving parcel, speed and the adjustment to the ever-increasing demands of consumers undoubtedly speak in favor of parcel lockers and allow us to gain another markets. I hope that Icelanders will just love the terminals as much as the Estonians have. After two years of operating in Estonia, 50% of goods purchased via the Internet is serviced using our terminals! Considering the fact that 95% of the population in Iceland (the world’s number one)1 use the internet and do their shopping there, the probability of success is very real - said Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of Group.



    Group also rapidly develops its own network of parcel machines. By the end of 2013, there will be 200 machines with the Polish operator’s brand deployed in the Romanian market. This is the first phase of the expansion of these revolutionary terminals in that region. In total, by 2014 in Romania there will be up to 500 InPost machines.


    Currently, there are about 2,400 parcel lockers available worldwide in different business models, and only in 2013 another 2,000 machines will be deployed. The terminals are already available in 15 countries throughout the world - in just two years they conquered Poland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Chile, Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland and Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Cyprus, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


    Within the next 4-5 years InPost machines will also be available in the Americas and in Asia.The whole investment may eventually reach up to 1 billion euros. In the United States, Group plans to launch 10,000 machines by the end of 2016 and in Asia the parcel locker will appear first in China - in Beijing and Shanghai. The company is currently working on gaining about 6,000 locations for another terminals in 15 additional countries, including: France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania and Bulgaria, Russia and Spain.


    The highest quality and innovation of InPost machines was confirmed in this year's edition of the international competition, World Mail Awards 2013. This time, the company won in the 'Customer Service' category, defeating other leading operators such as Singapore Post and LibanPost. InPost parcel lockers have appeared in minds of e-consumers for good. E-customers have appreciated InPost terminals for the second time, recognizing the machines as the ‘best product/service supporting e-store logistics’ in the ‘Ekomersy’ contest. The contest is organized by the Fundacja Polak 2.0. InPost and NCR have won together in the Postal Technology International Awards, wining the ‘retail Innovation of the Year’ category. The jury recognized the InPost Postal Terminal of the 5th generation as the 'Innovation of the Year'.


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