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    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cracow, 6 Dec., 2012

  Group expands its influence on the American market!


    CorreosChile, the strategic distribution partner of easyPack in South American markets


    Chile is the one of 10 countries – apart from China, Brazil, and Russia with the biggest growth potential in the e-commerce market. Advanced technologies, well developed telecommunications infrastructure and an active base of buyers has led to the fact that the Chilean e-commerce industry gained a growth of 27 % between 2006-201, at an average of 13% on the global market. In the GRGI ranking, Chile recorded the highest indicator of e-buyers, at the rate of 71%. The value of online sales on the Chilean market is estimated at nearly 750 million dollars a year, and over the next five years will double to $ 1.5 billion. The Group has recognized that huge potential and will deploy in Chile a total of 60 easyPack by InPost to 2013.

  Group has just launched the II phase of the contract with the Chilean national operator, Correos de Chile. Since 2011, 8 parcel machines to send and collect parcel 24 hours a day have been running on the American continent. By the end of 2012, the Group will deploy another 20 machines, and in 2013 it will launch another 32 easyPack machines. Ultimately, there will be a few hundred easyPack by InPos in Chile. At the same time - after a year of cooperation with Chilean operator, CorreosChile became an easyPack distribution partner in South America.


    The huge potential of the Chilean market could not be unnoticed by us. That is a perfect place to offer such revolutionary solutions as easyPack by InPost. Things the Chileans buy in the Internet are just as important as the e-commerce added value, which certainly is the easyPack service enabling sending and receiving parcels around the clock. It's a very tight market with two dominating local e-sellers, Falabella and Cencosud, whose market shares reach a total of 39%, moreover, the Chilean e-commerce industry has a well-developed logistics does not mean there is no room for new services. In fact, it is quite the opposite. E-stores in Chile offer the reveres logistics option, that is not available in Poland. Our easyPack machine are ideally suited for it, they also perfectly fit the Chilean infrastructure, constituting the basis for the high growth of e-commerce industry,” concludes Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of


  cooperation with the Chilean national operator is a continuation of the business strategy, which involves easyPack by InPost dynamic expansion into foreign markets. Chile is one of 11 countries – apart from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Slovakia, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Australia - where the Group provides its revolutionary easyPack machines.



    By 2012 - due to the contract with PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund - the company will launch a network of 300 easyPack machines in Poland, 375 in the UK, 200 in Russia, 50 in Ukraine, and 100 in Czech Republic and Slovakia, respectively. In 2016 almost all Europeans will be able to use the network of 16 thousand. devices for sending and receiving shipments.


    By 2012, the Group plans to spend PLN 60m on the development of EASYPACK service, and PLN 320m during the next year. The four-year international expansion project - carried out jointly with PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund - is valued at approximately 300 million euros. Through strategic investments - carried out onto international markets - Group revenue will reach the level of EUR 20-40 million per year within the next few years.


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