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    Press release
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Cracow, 13th November, 2012

  Group international offensive!


    The lease of easypack lockers new business strategy for foreign markets

  Group is finalizing another contract with MRW, a leader among Spanish courier company operating on e-commerce market. The cooperation includes the creation of easyPack by InPost network based on a new business model. The contract assumes the exclusivity of the Spanish partner in the hiring the lockers deployed in Spain and Portugal within the EASYPACK project. Only in 2013, the Group's revenues, generated in the Spanish market, may reach at least EUR 2 million, with expectations of further growth beyond.


    In 2011, 20 easyPack by Inpost machines were deployed in Madrid and Barcelona. The Group cooperation with MRW included production, supply and installation of the devices. The new contract assumes the rental of a minimum of 25% lockers in at least several hundred easyPack machines in Spain and Portugal. Simultaneously, MRW will be obliged to pay a fixed lease fee, even at the lower use of the reserved lockers. Moreover, in 2013 the technological solutions will enable to send the parcels in Spain and their collection in Poland using the easyPack international network.


    The easyPack project is now entering into another more advanced implementation phase. without a doubt, the cooperation with foreign partners based on the lease of parcel lockers by leading courier operators opens new business opportunities for Group. such deal involves fixed income from leasing the machines, rather than a one-off purchase or sales margin. Moreover, under the contract, even the “minimum involvement” guarantees inter alia, that from the moment of deploying the machines, all costs of ownership for the network will be secured”, says Rafał Brzoska, the CEO of Group.


    The value of the Spanish e-commerce market in 2011 reached a level of 11 billion euros. According to the study - carried out by the Centre for Retail Research for Kelkoo price comparison service – in 2011 Europeans spent EUR 200.52 billion for e-shopping. At the same time the average Spaniard shopped online for an average amount of 893 euros, compared with 458 euros spent in e-shops by a Pole.



    The potential of the Spanish market and the new approach of the contract with Group provides MRW with the ability to actively fight for new customers on the Iberian Peninsula. We can therefore confidently say that our international EasyPack project is gaining momentum,” said Brzoska.

  cooperation with the Spanish courier company is a continuation of the business strategy assuming easyPack by InPost dynamic expansion into foreign markets. Spain is currently one of the ten countries - among Australia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia - where Group provides its revolutionary EASYPACK devices. Also by 2012 - due to the contract with PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund - the company will double the Polish network of the devices. In 2016 almost all Europeans will be able to use the network of 16 thousand. devices for sending and receiving shipments.


    By 2012, the Group plans to spend PLN 60m on the development of EASYPACK service, and the four-year international expansion project - carried out jointly with PineBridge Investments, a global private equity fund - is valued at approximately 300 million euros. Through strategic investments - carried out onto international markets - Group revenue will reach the level of EUR 20-40 million per year within the next few years.


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