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    Cracow, 5 October 2011

  Group is the winner of Małopolska Economy Award!

  Group, the leading Polish postal group and a supplier of innovative postal and courier solutions, e-commerce services as well as an independent financial and telecommunication operator is a winner of this year’s Małopolska Economy Award. The jury highly assessed company’s business success and a significant contribution to economic development in the region. At the same time, the victory secured a nomination for the “Polish President’s Economy Award”. Results were announced during the conference „Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting 2011” gala event held on October 3rd in Cracow. The event was honored with the presence of Lech Wałesa, the former Polish President.


    Małopolska Economy Award has been awarded for three years. 28 companies from Małopolska region took part in this year’s competition. Orlen Oil and Stalprodukt have been among the nominees together with Group in the category of “Big Entrepreneur”. Finally, Group was the winning company. The Małopolska Economic Council, competition jury, highly assessed among others the Group financial results in 2008-2010, proactive business policy, dynamic development in Poland and abroad, and its contribution in the region’s development. New technologies and solutions such as easyPack by InPost and Power Post hybrid mail has also merited the jury’s recognition.


    Małoposka Economic Award is a result of the Group dynamic development both domestically and overseas. We are one of the very few innovative companies that in such a short period of time since the debut in the business arena has recorded a remarkable success. Moreover, as the Małopolska region representatives, we aim to make a contribution to the economic development of this part of the country and bring tangible benefits by the company’s operations. We are pleased the success of the Group has been recognized in Cracow, the place where we came up with the business idea”, said Rafał Brzoska, Group CEO.


    Competition awards were awarded during the 3rd edition of “Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting”.President Lech Wałęsa, the special guest speaker, who in his speech referred to the leading motto of the meeting, ”Modern regions – new Europe”. Gala was also honoured with the presence of Stanisław Kracik, the Małopolska Voivode and the Polish euro-deputee, Mrs. Róża Thun. The „Annual Business in Małopolska Meeting” conference was a part of the “Forum for the Single Market”. The one who took a statuette from the hands of marshal, Marek Sowa, was Krzysztof Kołpa, Board member.